Travel in the Dominican Republic: Santiago and the Saman√° Province

Greetings everyone! I spent the past week in the Dominican Republic, exploring the city of Santiago, and Las Terrenas in Saman√° Province. Continue reading “Travel in the Dominican Republic: Santiago and the Saman√° Province”

Travel Itinerary: Christmas in the Bahamas

Greetings everyone! ūüėÄ

It sure has been a while since I’ve written last, and gosh have I missed it so! As you may have read from my last post, I moved back to the United States over the summer where I began to teach mathematics at a local school. What a joy it has been, after traveling and living overseas for over four years, to have some stability again, reconnect with old friends, spend quality time with family, and fully reflect on my incredible journeys abroad. That being said, my feet are starting to itch again, and I’m planning for an exciting year of travels in 2019! ūüėČ Continue reading “Travel Itinerary: Christmas in the Bahamas”