Barcelona Expat Vlog

Greetings everyone! I thought I would give you a short update on my expat life in Barcelona. I hope you enjoy the video, and please let me know if you have any travel questions or suggestions for future blogs! Continue reading “Barcelona Expat Vlog”


My Expat Life: Fourth Time’s a Charm, Right?!

Hola everyone! I have arrived in beautiful Barcelona, Spain!💗 Continue reading “My Expat Life: Fourth Time’s a Charm, Right?!”

What It’s Like to Teach and Live in Bangkok

Hello everyone!

Please excuse my blogging hiatus as I’ve come down with nasty cold, and I’ve spent the last week held up in my apartment, binge-watching the soap opera, Jane the Virgin. I may need an intervention. 😛 Continue reading “What It’s Like to Teach and Live in Bangkok”