The Real Housewives of Bang Tao, Thailand

Now you may have seen The Real Housewives, a TV series about wealthy Western women in rich suburbs across the U.S. Well, I recently discovered a stylish spot in Southeast Asia that could be a worthy contender for their next season. Let me take you on my journey from Bangkok to Bang Tao, to explore the lavish lifestyle of Laguna Phuket. 🥂

pre-travel drinks in Bangkok

Bang Tao is spread across 8 km of white sand beach and near to a large gated community with golf courses, upscale resorts, fine-dining restaurants, and posh beach clubs. 🤩

Catch Beach Club in Bang Tao
Café del Mar Beach Club near Bang Tao
Bang Tao Beach sunset

Geographically speaking, Bang Tao is in the Laguna area of Phuket province, which is the largest island in Thailand. 🏝️


Getting there is an easy hop, skip and a jump from Bangkok. ✈️


After only a short 1.5-hour flight and a 30-minute bike ride, you could easily be on the beach enjoying a beer by midday. 🍺

beers and beach of Bang Tao

While in Bang Tao, I stayed at the Banyan Tree, which offers modern villas with a private pool and jacuzzi, delicious buffet breakfast, and swanky sports facilities. 🏊‍♀️


Laguna is aptly named for its numerous lagoons, which are perfect for water sports, and are surrounded by green paths for jogging or biking. 🚴

lakes of Laguna Phuket courtesy of Google
lakes in Bang Tao and cute Minions on a bridge
jogging path and residential homes in Bang Tao

At times I felt like I was in the suburbs of the States, but then there were stark reminders of my exotic location. 🐘🤣

funny signs reminding me I’m in Thailand

In terms of recreation, golf seems to be a popular pastime here. Personally though, I’m not sure if it’s my cup of tee! Get it? 😉 Also, with my limited putting skills, it doesn’t seem like the best way to relieve stress. ⛳🤣

golf meme courtesy of Google

Instead I opted for a massage at Inner Peace Spa. Their 2-hour massage for 555 Baht seriously seemed like a joke, since the number five in Thai is pronounced ‘ha’ and so it’s literally a ‘ha, ha, ha’ price. 😂

2-hour massage for 555 or ha, ha, ha Baht

Anyway, the 17-dollar deal turned out to actually be real and an absolutely glorious way to spend the afternoon! 💆

private massage room at Inner Peace Spa

Side note: In general, there are many great deals in the area right now. For example, I was able to spend a few additional days on my own at this 4-star hotel called the Diamond Resort for only 22 USD per night.

pool and sauna at the Diamond Resort

In addition to recreation, the Bang Tao area also has a few shopping centers, family-friendly attractions, an eclectic nightlife, plus a close proximity to other places in Phuket. ☕

latte at the Phuket Coffee Lab
coffee and street art at Project Artisan
pork ragout at Mrs. B Bar & Table
Kibbeh (bulgar beef balls with yogurt) and various Lebanese dishes at Levantine
Blue Tree Phuket: a family-friendly shopping center and waterpark; sunset at nearby Kamala Beach 
drinks and Latin music at Maison Napoleon
DJ event at Café del Mar Beach Club

For example, as an afternoon excursion, we drove our scooter 45-minutes south to Hanuman World for some zip lining. 🌳

Three Monkeys Restaurant and suspension bridge in Hanuman World; cascara cinnamon tea made from coffee cherries

Although the zip line wasn’t too terrifying, their roller ride was seriously questionable in terms of its construction and probably wouldn’t pass safety inspections in the States. We were lucky we survived without a scratch. 🚑😂


And although the zip line wasn’t frightening, I did joke about buying this face mask at the on-site gift shop. This would surely give my boyfriend a fright every time he’d see me taking a nap. Hah! 💤😂


In the end, I think you might agree with me that this lofty, privileged area is the perfect place for posh housewives. I mean, honestly, you can even find money bags on the menu here. 😜 💰

Thai money bags is apparently an appetizer here. 😂

Now we just need to find some bougie babes and get the cameras rolling! Real Housewives of Bang Tao, let’s go! 📽️

the drama-filled Real Housewives summed up in this collage of quotes

And of course, although I’m more of a modest Midwesterner and definitely not a contender for the cast, visiting Bang Tao was a great way to treat myself and also celebrate our anniversary. 🥳

anniversary celebration at Banyan Tree villa
dinner at On The Rocks in Phuket (fried fish with mango and pomelo meat salad)
pre-anniversary staycation at the W Hotel in Bangkok

Now speaking of reasons to celebrate, things are finally getting back to normal in Bangkok. 🎉 Basically, after my last post back in January, Thailand went into another lockdown and everyone began working remotely with limited social contact. 😭 This pandemic has gone on so long, stores are even trying make proper hygiene trendy. Introducing the Windex-style perfume and a fashionable face-masked Frida Kahlo. Oh brother! 😂


Luckily, my students were already very familiar with online learning and took to it like champions. 🧑‍🏫

reading Wonder in the virtual classroom
creating Wonder storyboards…pets always seem to end up on camera 🐶

That being said, we were more than grateful to finally get back in the classroom, since we are able to do many more hands-on activities and games in person. c

ready to teach with fresh gel nails and a gorgeous Thai mask 💗
learning about solar energy by making s’mores in a solar oven ☀️
learning about wind energy by making windmills to lift a weighted cup
learning about Arctic traditions by carving animals out of soap 🧼
drawing Artic art like Kenojuak Ashevak 🦉
birthday parties and snack time after swimming…love the enthusiastic Thai ads 😂

And up until now, with the combination of cancelled social events and high levels of air pollution, the only thing we could enjoy was dining out in restaurants. 😷

meat salad at Quaint
Korean BBQ at Kim Jeong Grill
delicious and unique meal at Jhol (jackfruit kofta with paneer in masala, ghee roast chicken with dosa, mutton with parotta, tamarind margarita)
BBQ brisket with chorizo baked beans and a Rueben with coleslaw at Billy’s Smokehouse
fried fish and venison at Kai New Zealand restaurant
sushi and katsudon at Kaizen Sushi Hibachi
Malaysian Nasi Lemak and homemade rum raisin ice cream at Makan Makan
seafood with creamy coconut omelet at Paul and sourdough ham and camembert sandwich at Bartel’s
Vietnamese noodle salad with pork egg roll at Le Dalat
papaya salad with salted egg at Na Aroon
hummus with dukkah, egg and naan at Siri House
papas with chorizo at La Tortilla Quemada and Israeli burek pastry with tahini and pickled veg at J Café
CAFE (13
unique coffee shop inside an antique shop near Phrom Phong and CRAFT, an outdoor pet friendly garden cafe

I’d say it’s almost impossible to have a bad meal in Bangkok…almost. 🤔

I think they missed the mark on advertising 😂

The highlight most definitely was dining at Jay Fai, the one and only Michelin Star street food chef. 👩‍🍳


We waited for two hours to get a table, but that’s because she makes every order herself. Wow! The key to her success is high-quality ingredients. This omelet was packed with sweet, succulent crab and the dry Tom Yum was loaded with jumbo shrimp. Absolutely worth the wait! 😋


We also celebrated Chinese New Year and explored the Ong Ang Canal Walking Street in Chinatown. There are many food stalls and lots of street art there. 🏮🐲

vegan sushi and eel at Chijuya


It was even nicknamed, ‘The Amsterdam of the East’.


And speaking of new year’s festivities, next month is Songkran in Thailand. This celebration normally involves a nationwide water fight and lots of fun to be had. 💦🔫 Stay tuned to hear all about it! For now, enjoy this video compilation of the trip in Bang Tao! Until next time everyone! 😊

6 thoughts on “The Real Housewives of Bang Tao, Thailand

  1. Wow, Megan, your photos look amazing, and I am glad to hear you had a brilliant time exploring Thailand. It’s one of the countries I would love to visit one day, just have to wait for the pandemic crisis to come to an end. Hopefully, soon! Thanks for sharing and have a good day. Aiva 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, such sweet comments, thank you! Yes, I hope this blog inspires everyone get out and start traveling once we’re able. The world is full of so many beautiful places. Take care! X

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the kind words. Luckily my students were able to use their home computers, but sadly that is not possible for many students around the world. I’m happy to hear that at least things are heading in the right direction where you live. Take care! X


  2. I read this in a state of shock and awe, as I was a visitor to the first hotel at Laguna, the Dusit Laguna Hotel, a member of the Thai Dusit Thani Group of hotels, run by the now well-known hotelier Khun Kla Kitchikarn who made it a very special place and those who were there during his first year returned year after year for the Christmas and New Year celebrations. The lagoons, which were the craters left from silver-mining, were not developed and one was used just for wind-surfing but it wasn’t landscaped at all. In the sea facing the hotel sat a gigantic silver dredging ship because silver was still being extracted at that period, about 1970 I think. Much, much, later they started to develop the surrounding area and added The Banyan Tree and the Allamanda and they linked them with a canal. This whole development was built on the site of silver mines.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Wow, it is surely incredible to read about how it all began. Thank you so much for sharing. Our friends actually stayed at the Dusit Thani during their visit. I wonder if this post encourages you to return and see these developments. Thanks again for your detailed comment! Take care. X

      Liked by 1 person

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