The Minimalistic Backpacker: What to Pack for Europe

Hi everybody! My journey abroad is about to begin and I thought I’d share some tips on how to pack smart and light! Here’s a short video about what to pack and how to avoid over-packing before a big trip! Hope you enjoy! 😊

What to Pack

🥪 = 🧳

What I Pack:

What to Avoidb6384cd9d1db488404decdc9b172d362

What I Avoid:

  • bulky toiletries (buy as you go)
  • outfits that aren’t versatile or wrinkle easily
  • expensive breakable items (i.e. pricey sunglasses)

Final Tips: 

  • put items you don’t wear as much on the bottom
  • put the SAME item in the SAME place every time and you’ll always know where to find it! 😊
  • check luggage weight limits for your airline and weigh your bag BEFORE you get to the airport
  • remember that aside from your ID and money, you can find EVERYTHING you need once you get there! 😊

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