Take Me Home, Country Roads

Greetings everyone! There are some exciting changes on the horizon for ESLVentures, so I decided to create a short video about everything that’s to come! John Denver’s song, “Take Me Home, Country Roads” only seemed to be an appropriate title for this post about moving back to Wisconsin. 🐄

Wisconsin ❤

I definitely didn’t talk about all aspects of my expat life in this video, but hopefully it will shed some light on why I made the decision to move back home. Remember, you’re always one decision away from a totally different life. Hope you enjoy! 😊

Anyway, I’ll end this post with a beautiful quote I found about returning home after travel:

When we have sampled much and have wandered far and have seen how fleeting and sometimes superficial a lot of the world is, our gratitude grows for the privilege of being part of something we can count on—home and family and the loyalty of loved ones. We come to know what it means to be bound together by duty, by respect, by belonging. We learn that nothing can fully take the place of the blessed relationship of family life. – Thomas S. Monson

Anyway, I’m excited to share with you in the coming weeks my new ESL classroom in the US, and also some great suggestions for local travel. Until then, take care and have a great weekend! 👩‍🏫

7 thoughts on “Take Me Home, Country Roads

  1. Have moved home too recently and posted about it too! Since becoming an expat I feel like my life change and even my decisions in life so not putting a dot on it.. I may be back. Btw, I like John Denver songs!

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    1. Great to hear from someone who’s gone through the same thing. I’m sure your gut will tell you what to do next. Best of luck with the transition and thanks for checking out the post! ☺️

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