Travel in Finland: Dog Sled with Huskies and View the Northern Lights

On our last day in Lapland, we started the morning with an optional ski ride at the Saariselkä Ski Resort.

38469575255_2e23dfd58b_zThis area has the largest sledding hill in Europe, and some incredibly picturesque igloo hotels.

These gorgeous glass igloos start at about 500 Euro per night. (photo courtesy of Google images)

While in the area, I decided to go on a husky ride. 🐕
27570338709_a36d0b7b19_zMy riding partner was this sweet Iranian student, and we took turns as drivers and passengers on this husky adventure safari.38640517194_50da669592The huskies were so excited, and barking up a storm, eager to get mushing through the snow.38469575355_5e5bb68138_z Before we began, of course, the company also gave us some instructions on how to brake and turn on the tracks.I guess I expected it to be a bit more leisurely, but the ride was anything but! As a passenger, I was constantly being tossed around this reindeer hide-covered sled, and bumping up and down along the track.27570338539_5b43833f4d_zAs a driver, I was using all my strength just to keep the dogs from taking off like mad men! Two of the drivers even fell off during the course, leaving their passengers driverless, and being carried off by 4-5 wild huskies. It was surely an adventure, so I thought I’d share a small video clip with all of you. 😀

Despite the crazy journey, it was hard not to pause, and marvel at the gorgeous scenery around us! 😍
27570338679_72d697f1c7_zAnyway, on the same note of natural beauty, I’ll talk a bit about the Northern Lights. I have to mention, as you’ve seen from my previous posts, we’ve been fortunate enough to witness the Northern Lights each night! That being said, our last night in Vasatokka, the geomagnetic energy was at its highest strength. The lights literally danced through the sky, with rays of green, purple, and even orange! I thought I’d end this blog with a few of the most epic shots, thanks to our fellow traveler, Heng Li.
25459407228_dc8fb6c138_z25459407268_ba4c9ea624_z25459407238_db396ebda0_zWell that concludes this journey. I’ve been truly lucky to have the quintessential experience in Finnish Lapland. Up next I’ll be ringing in the New Year in the Baltic States, with my first stop in Tallinn, Estonia. Stay tuned to hear all about it. Until then! 🎉 🥂

Cost: The base price for the 7-day tour was 345 Euros. For those who choose to upgrade to cabins, purchase restaurant meals, and complete all the optional activities, the grand total is still around 700 Euro. Definitely a steal, considering the high cost of tourism in Finland.

Side note: While staying in Vasatokka, we monitored the Aurora Forecast each day, which told us when a geomagnetic storm was likely to occur.



6 thoughts on “Travel in Finland: Dog Sled with Huskies and View the Northern Lights

  1. Wonderful travel story and gorgeous photos. I am glad that You visited Finland and its northern part Lapland. It is my favorite part of Finland. In summer it is fantastic to hike on our Arctic hills among freely roaming reindeer.

    I love reindeers. Finland offers also happening which is unique in the whole world:

    Reindeer race

    It is free for everyone and great fun.

    Happy and safe travels.

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  2. So amazing!!! When I was a kid we had a husky-monster mix, that dog was so huge that my AND my sister could sit on his back and ride him down the street like a pony! I can only imagine what a half-dozen dogs could do with a lightweight sled!


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