Travel Itinerary: Backpacking the Baltic States

After finishing my holiday tour in Finland, I will take a ferry to Estonia, to begin backpacking through the Baltic states.

photo of Riga, Latvia, courtesy of Google images

Why Backpack the Baltic States? 

Now you all know how I love a good flight deal!💰Well, after looking at how cheap flights were from Vilnius, Lithuania to Barcelona, Spain, I discovered that it would be the SAME price for me to fly back direct from Finland, as it was for me to travel through all three Baltic countries by bus, stay in hostels for 7 nights, and fly back from Lithuania instead! 😮

Route: ferry from Helsinki, Finalnd to Tallinn, Estonia, then a bus to Riga, Latvia, and finally a bus to Vilnius, Lithuania

Pro tip: Ryanair operates out of Vilnius, Lithuania, which is why the flight was so cheap!

Anyway, since I finagled such a good deal, I’ll be able to spend New Year’s Eve in a truly off-beat travel destination. 😍

Latvia at night, courtesy of Google images

The Baltic States offer a very unique history and culture.  Highlights will include local food, museums, tours, winter sports, and off-beat attractions. I’m not exactly sure what kind of shenanigans I’ll get up to, but I can’t wait to explore these three countries and send a full report back to all of you. Until then! Take care, and happy holidays everyone! 😀

4 thoughts on “Travel Itinerary: Backpacking the Baltic States

  1. Don’t you love having free time to be able to do that! I love taking the longer routes that allow me to see more countries 🙂 great post

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    1. Yes, it was a great detour! It’s also very cheap and easy to backpack in those countries. I’d definitely like to go back in summer and explore. Glad you liked the post! Safe travels!

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