Travel Itinerary: Christmas in Finnish Lapland

This Christmas I will be making a holiday voyage to Finnish Lapland!❄️☃️

courtesy of Google images

This 6-day tour, offered by Timetravels Ltd., begins in Helsinki and travels all the way to Arctic Norway! 😮23916867547_315e90ee33_z
Highlights of the trip will include viewing the Northern Lights, visiting Santa’s village, dog sledding, snow-shoeing, and visiting a real Saami village. 🎅🎄🦌

courtesy of Google images

Here’s a short video the tour company made from their trip last year. Feel free to check it out! 😀

Anyway, until then I’ll be wrapping up my first semester in Barcelona. Stay tuned to hear all about this Christmas in Finnish Lapland. Until then! Take care and happy holidays everyone! ⛄❄️

16 thoughts on “Travel Itinerary: Christmas in Finnish Lapland

  1. I live in Finland and find February the best time to enjoy winter Finland. There few places, which are, must. Meet Santa and have a reindeer drive.

    1. Arctic Circle in winter.

    Visit World’s Biggest Snow Castle. Stay a night inside snow hotel; get married in a snow chapel, taste cool drinks in ice bar and more.

    2. Best Snow Castle photos.

    This is absolutely my favorite. Participate in reindeer race, which is and open for everyone.

    3. Reindeer race.

    Happy and safe travels.

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  2. Awesome! There is no better place for great Christmas vibes! I visited Finland this past year, just shortly after the new year and it was the perfect winter wonderland! Reindeer sleigh rides are a MUST and the snowy trees are stunning! Can’t wait to read about your trip! Enjoy!

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