Barcelona Day Trip: Montserrat Mountain and Monastery

Over the weekend I took a day trip to the mountainous village and monastery of Montserrat. ❤

37504339246_59968c3acf_zMontserrat mountain is a famous pilgrimage site, which has been well-known since the 9th century after shepherds discovered a marvelous carving of the Virgin Mary there. That statue was named the Black Madonna, and because of its alleged healing powers, the popularity of Montserrat grew, and numerous chapels and a monastery was built there. Currently, there is a basilica and fully functioning monastery, with about 80 monks who live there and offer pastoral services to visitors.

Montserrat village and monastery

Aside from its religious appeal, the geologic formations found at Montserrat are truly unique. The mountain is composed of needle-like monolithic rocks and lush Mediterranean vegetation.
Getting There:

To get to Montserrat from Barcelona, I met up with my friends at Plaça Espanya, where we took the R5 train towards Manresa.

Side note: When you’re at the station, it’s best to purchase a combined ticket, which includes the round-trip train ticket and a ride up the mountain with either a rack railway or a cable car. As well, the ticket price is 20.50 Euro, and although the machine accepts 50 Euro bills, you will receive your change in 50-cent coins!! Ahhh! My money pouch was so heavy, I could knock somebody out with it! Hah! 😂😂😂

combined ticket and ~30 Euro worth of change in my money pouch 😂😂

After an hour on the train, we arrived at the Aeri de Montserrat station, where we took a cable car up the mountain to the monastery.

Side Note: Even though we took the earliest departure at 8:36 AM from Barcelona, the lines were already crazy! Definitely start your day early to avoid crowds!
there is only ONE cable car running up and down the mountain

Anyway, even though they crammed about 30 of us in the cable car, we still managed to get striking views of the Spanish countryside. 😍😍37293810070_9c63211f44_z
37293810000_b701dd11d5_zAnd, after about a 5-minute journey, we arrived at the village of Montserrat.36882649683_bf7b7d3584_zOnce we arrived, our first stop was to the information booth, where we were given a map with suggested sights and trails to hike during our visit.

tourist map of the Montserrat (restaurants, hotels, hiking trails, attractions) courtesy of Google images
vintage-style trolley in Montserrat

As well, since we arrived on a Saturday, they had a lovely farmer’s market going on, and my Russian friend was overjoyed to find the love of her life there: cheese! ❤️ 🧀 They offered us all various samples of Catalonian goat’s cheeses. 37293809830_1186b44b85_zThey also sold other products, like figs, honey, nuts, and local fruit and veg.37293809770_4b489a2641_zAfter strolling the market, we visited the main attraction of Montserrat, the monastery and basilica.

Benedictine monastery of Montserrat
unique finger-like rock formations surrounding the monastery

The entryway to the basilica is just stunning, with an open-aired atrium covered in white, marble tile, and intricate carvings of saints across its façade.36842334634_5c1d3a777d_z
37293713110_d1197f9e82_zInside the basilica, we saw the famed Black Madonna shrine, which sits on a throne, holding the orb of the Earth in one hand and the baby Jesus on her lap.

the basilica with the Black Madonna hanging above the altar

Apparently she is black from a combination of candle smoke exposure and aging.

courtesy of Google images

When we visited, there was also a full sermon underway, and we could hear the lovely chants of the churchgoers echo through the chapel. ✝️ 🎵36842334344_d2273b42de_zAfter the sermon, we needed a little sustenance, so we had some granola bars and fruit we brought, and my Russian friend even brought herself a portable portion of gazpacho. 🤔 I’d never seen it drank out of a carton before, but I guess it’s like a thicker, seasoned tomato juice. 🍅🥒37293713170_945dba2f65_zWe also bought a few items in the tourist cafeteria. Hot drinks there were less than 2 Euro and sandwiches were around 5 Euro, which is not to bad if you need to refuel. ☕ 🥐

the cafeteria’s lovely outdoor terrace

From there we hiked one of the recommended trails: Creu de Sant Miguel. This 30-minute hike lead us to Sant Miguel’s cross, where we had panoramic views over the entire village.

my crew from China, Brazil and Russia 🇨🇳 🇺🇸 🇧🇷 🇷🇺

Now, one of the sights that I would have liked to climb was the Stairway to Heaven.

photo credit: courtesy of Google images

Unfortunately though, during our visit, the stairway was blocked off to visitors. I guess it was for safety reasons, so maybe it’s better than I didn’t make the trip up there. ❌ 🤕
36882649883_5bc6217492_zOverall, it was a beautiful and relaxing day trip from the city. We spent a solid four hours there during our visit, but you could easily spend the entire day there hiking around the area’s numerous trails, to view different vantage points and find other religious relics placed around the mountain. Basically, this trip can be tailored to anyone looking for a breath of fresh air, and scenic views of a truly unique landscape near Barcelona. ❤

4 thoughts on “Barcelona Day Trip: Montserrat Mountain and Monastery

  1. I was on a 25 person pilgrimage here in 2002 ….it’s much bigger now…the artwork inside the basilica now is very beautiful,,,and we heard the boys choir then. Too much noise and people traffic now….the monks stay hidden in areas where there is quiet so they can maintain their daily prayer-work life .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I can imagine it has changed very much during that time. The artwork and the carvings on the buildings were just beautiful. A very unique, natural setting close to the city. Thank you for sharing your experience and checking out the post. Take care. Xx


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