Sightseeing in Barcelona on a Budget

Barcelona is currently one of the most visited cities in Europe, just behind London and Paris! 😲

panoramic view of Barcelona from the botanical garden

And as a tourist here, there are surprisingly many ways to enjoy this beautiful city without breaking the bank. 😩 💸

Here are 5 mostly free ways to sightsee around the city:

1. Visit a museum on a free day 


fresco mural on the ceiling of the art museum
the art museum has collections of both traditional and modern pieces


Romanesque religious painting on a wooden altarpiece at the art museum
this photo of a Picasso piece was actually taken at the National Art Museum, since no photos are allowed inside the Picasso Museum
  • The MUHBA museum has free admission the first Sunday of the month
this underground museum gives you a glimpse into the remains of the Roman Empire and how they lived during this period
the highlight here being their recreated ship, especially this 16th century royal vessel which was used to defeat the Turkish Armada
  • Palau Güell has free admission the first Sunday of each month (the rooftop was closed during my visit due to rain)
This palace was built for Eusebi Güell, the wealthy tycoon who funded most of Gaudí’s work. TL/ML: a model of the palace, including its colorful rooftop chimneys BL: admission includes a free audio guide R: ceiling of the palace
It was said that Güell had 8 children and only 2 bedrooms in this house. The first child got her own room and the other 7 had to share! Gaudí’s unorthodox Gothic design was definitely ahead of his time!

2. Check the city’s event calendar for free entertainment 

To find free events, I search WeBarcelonaMeetup, and even Facebook. Those sites led me to discover tons of free events, like this yoga session in the park, and a jazz music festival! 🤸‍♀️ 🎵

gettin’ our zen on! 😀
booty shakin’ time at the jazz festival! 😛

3. Take a stroll around the eclectic urban neighborhoods 

Each neighborhood has its own mix of unique art and architecture, something that is best appreciated on foot. 👣 📷

Casa Milà by Antoni Gaudí in Gracia neighborhood
Casa Batlló by Antoni Gaudí in Gracia neighborhood
a photo of Casa Batlló that I edited with the Prisma app 💗
Basílica de Santa Maria del Mar in Born
Basilica of Our Lady of Mercy in the Gothic quarter
fountain near the Placa del Duc de Medinaceli
street art in Sant Antoni neighborhood
street art in Raval neighborhood
kiss mural in the Gothic quarter
smiling crayfish sculpture near the waterfront
abstract face mosaic near the waterfront

If you don’t want to walk alone, I suggest taking a free walking tour of the city! (tips appreciated) 😀

  • Runnerbean Tours has an incredibly comprehensive free walking tour to the sites constructed by Antoni Gaudí
many of Gaudí’s famous works were privately funded by Eusebi Güell (i.e. Park Güell and Palau Güell)
it has been said that if you drink from this fountain, you will return to Barcelona one day 😉

Side note: If you want to see photos from my other neighborhood walks, check out this post here. 😀

4. Take in some stellar scenic views 😍

Montjuïc Castle is actually home to the National Art Museum of Catalunya
stairs and hedges cascading down the side of Montjuïc
the botanical garden is free to enter on Sunday afternoons

37166970611_4bba669f87_cSide note: Bunkers of Caramel also has a nice viewpoint, which you can check out in my older post here.

5. Grab yourself a drink and soak up the European vibes 

Hey, it may not be free, but it’s darn cheap, arguably less than a water, and since Spaniards love to relax and enjoy life, it’s one of the best ways to enjoy the city like a local! 🍷 ☺️

2-3 Euros for wine at Bodega Vidrios y Cristales
one of my new favorites, Vermouth with a slice of orange and an olive (the perfect sipper)

Now, this is just a small handful of fun and free things to do in the city, with countless more to discover. The point I’m trying to make is that Barcelona is a beautiful city, and one that can be visited on any budget! 😉 Hope you enjoyed this post!  ¡Hasta luego!  ¡Chao! 👋 🇪🇸

Barcelona marina at nighttime

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    1. Thanks for the share! Glad you enjoyed the post! 😀 Enjoy your time in Barcelona! It’s a beautiful city, with lovely people, rich culture and tasty food! Safe travels!


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