A Taste of Spain: Food and Drink Apps in Barcelona

Today I’m here to talk about two very important things in Spanish culture: food and drink!

Food Apps in Barcelona

In the first case, we’ll talk about food ‘apps’ or appetizers. In Spain, they call them ‘tapas’, which are basically small dishes of high-quality foods, which are shared amongst friends. This week I checked out a restaurant in Barcelona called Labarra, which specializes in these tasty Spanish apps.37107046942_6f162f4e52_cFor around 30 euros per person, our group was able to order 20 different tapas to share, plus a sampler of desserts, and unlimited beer, wine, and sangria for two hours! 37137481011_bc4feb57e4_cAll-you-can-drink, you say? Challenge accepted! 😛36496860983_b968d4ed01_zAnyway, without further ado, let the display of delicious food begin! 😉

We’ll start with patatas bravas, or fried potatoes, topped with tomato sauce and mayo, and also a spicy paprika cream.37088836536_cd487412ba_c37279659395_f43e34a56b_oFried potato strings, topped with scrambled eggs and Jamón ibérico, a cured Spanish ham36881603820_a8444cb1e4_cGrilled and marinated sardines with lemon37088836856_fbbe2aee51_oGrilled shrimp in garlic sauce 37280232015_865461cba1_c Steamed mussels
36464642223_3df446e7d1_cFried artichokes and fried squid37107046562_792bf421a2_c
37088836616_23842f6365_cFresh salmon cubes with mango over pureed avocado36465223423_ae41c407f0_cBacalo, a salted cod, served with tomatoes, olives, and red onion37107046812_8c9dfb6dca_oSteak tartar served with crusty bread and a garlic/parsley dipping sauce36881603960_41a6b68f0f_cArtichoke tortilla- a tortilla in Spanish is similar to an omelette, with onions and potatoes37279660255_74a3accfca_cSomething unique to this region, is how bread is served. The typical bread here is called ‘pan amb tomat’, where crusty bread slices are rubbed with crushed tomato, garlic and olive oil. Yum!37167897631_9320f9f975_zFunny enough though, the BEST bite I had all night came even before our dinner started. Since our Spanish friends came a bit late, we had to wait a bit at the restaurant for everyone to arrive, so we decided to order a pinxto to share. Pinxto means ‘spike’ and it is similar to other Spanish appetizers, yet it traditionally came on a toothpick, hence the name. The pinxto I tried was called menorquin, which is a crusty chunk of bread topped with hot sobrassada, or pork sausage, and drizzled with honey. Wow! 😍37137510991_a48e0d410a_c

I normally eat vegetarian, but I feel like in Spain, I’m breaking all the rules, and loving every bite of it! Wow!

For dessert, they brought out a deconstructed cheesecake with strawberry sauce, cardinal de chocolate, which reminded me of a chocolate eclair, and of course, the famed Catalan cream.37137009611_94ce028574_c37137289531_b70e8fab88_oAfter quite a few drinks, and so many tasty bites, we all left stuffed and satisfied! 😀36882114060_c4eb87d42b_c37137289411_1d2d094a85_o

Drinking Apps in Barcelona

Now in this case, when I talk about ‘apps’, I’m referring to applications. Yes, technology can be a wonderful way to find out about what to eat, and where to dine in the city. Although the mobile apps Yelp and TripAdvisor maybe more well-known, I discovered this newer and more unique drinking app in Barcelona called Bida, which offers you one free drink per day, at select bars around the city, for only 10 Euros per month! The even let you try the app for FREE, for the first two weeks!

a few of the select bars on the Bida app

As such, I decided to try out this new drinking app, by visiting one of their bars, Big Kokka. So far, what I love about this trendy app, is that it gets you to try out bars that you wouldn’t have normally stopped at, and also try different cocktails that you wouldn’t have normally ordered.

Japanese-inspired decor at Big Kokka
Big Kokka bar

For example, at Big Kokka, on the Bida app, I could choose between either a classic, chicha, or passion fruit sake sour.

chicha is made from purple corn and sake is a Japanese rice wine

The bartender highly recommended the passion fruit, so I decided to give it a go! I thought it was very sweet and tropical, and definitely not very strong. It was perfect while sitting on their outdoor terrace, enjoying my afternoon in the city. ❤️

who doesn’t love a free cocktail? 😉

Anyway, that’s all for now folks. Hope you enjoyed this little taste of Spanish food and drink. Definitely more to come! Stay tuned and until next time! Adios!🇪🇸

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