Travel Across America with Greyhound Bus

I recently took the Greyhound bus across America, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Seattle, Washington. Want the low down on my journey? Then let’s begin! 😀


Greyhound Bus Route: Milwaukee to Seattle

My journey was broken into four different bus rides. On the first day, I went from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Next, I took an overnight bus from Minneapolis to Billings, Montana. The next morning, I traveled from Billings to Missoula, Montana. Finally, I had my last overnight bus from Missoula to Seattle, Washington. I transferred to a new bus after each leg, and the stopover time between each ride was about 1-2 hours. Also, the four buses were very different from each other. Some were clean and spacious, while others were older with limited leg room. One bus ride didn’t even have WiFi. Luckily, my two overnight buses were very roomy. Also, as a pro, all four buses had power outlets.

Side note: Greyhound does block internet sites like YouTube, so passengers can’t stream movies the whole way through, but you can use normal web browsing and apps, like Instagram and Facebook.

imageedit_1_3882739216 (1)
full journey from Milwaukee to Seattle

Now as well as the four main stops, each individual bus ride also entailed several mini-stops to drop off passengers and take rest breaks. The breaks were always 15 minutes or less, which gave you a chance to use the bathroom and purchase food at the nearby gas station or fast food joints, like Subway or McDonalds.

cute bakery, one of our rest breaks in Montana

Now since the journey also took 1.5 days, I had to inevitably sleep on the bus. Luckily, both nights I had two seats to myself, where I could stretch out and lie down. I think my ear plugs and face mask were essential at helping me get a good night’s rest. 😀

My life goal is to look as fab as Audrey Hepburn with her face mask and ear plugs. ❤ – Breakfast at Tiffanys

Why take the Greyhound?

I took the bus for the combination of convenience, price, and life experience. First, I don’t own a vehicle, so this was the easiest way to travel across the country. As well, the price of the bus was $150 cheaper than a flight or train ride. Lastly, I wanted the experience of traveling across the beautiful American countryside. For all those points, I surely was not disappointed. We past rolling hills, pastures, and snowy mountain peaks. ❤

snowy mountains in Montana
rolling hills in Montana
horses in Montana
rustic farm in Montana
railroad ties in Montana

And I also got a good glimpse at life in small-town America, full of home-style diners, hunting culture, and heavy duty pick up trucks. Riding cross-country sure gives you a taste of the great Midwest! 😀

diner in Montana
old brick building and camouflage boat
antique shop in Montana
heavy duty pick up truck with an elk decal

Who else rides Greyhound?

Well, other than the occasional backpacker like myself, the majority of passengers were elderly and disabled, many of them being veterans. One of my favorite parts of the journey was the small-talk-type conversations I had with these people. For example, I met Dave, a Vietnam veteran who was on his way to Billings for a spiritual healing retreat. At one point, after warming up to everyone on the bus, he bought a Domino’s pizza and shared it among the group. Then there was Carly and her service dog, Romeo. Carly was traveling from her university in Montana, back home to Washington, where she would surprise her family for the summer. She hadn’t seen them her whole semester at school. Romeo, her service Chihuahua, was taking his first bus ride, but he did a standout job, as he calmly laid on her lap for the entire trip. 😀

Final Thoughts and Tips on Riding with Greyhound:

After taking the bus, I thought I would give my honest recommendation. Personally, if you had a car, I would recommend driving across country instead, since you would be able to stop more in many of these adorable little towns that we past far too quickly on our route. That being said, if you want to save some pennies, while taking in views of the heartland, and meet some kindhearted and genuine Americans, the bus is absolutely the way to go! 😀

As a tip, book a weekday ticket, from Monday to Wednesday, since they are cheaper. Also, book at least two weeks in advance for a discounted rate.

Now, my journey took me westbound, from Milwaukee to Seattle, but Greyhound has many other routes, stretching north, south and east, across the U.S. Click below to find out more. 😉

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