Travel Itinerary: Canada Pacific Tour with Moose Bus Adventures

Greetings ya’ll! Next week I’m going on a great North American adventure! I’m heading to Canada, eh! 🇨🇦🐻🌲👍

Canada decorative set
my vision of Canada: wildlife, nature, hockey, and lots of maple syrup ❤

This two-week bus trip, called the Pacific Tour, is organized by Moose Bus Adventures. The tour bus will be starting in Vancouver, and making stops at Victoria Island, Jasper, Banff, Whistler, and Pacific Rim National Park. The company will provide all the transportation with guide, plus they include a few dinners and activities. In addition to the tour, for convenience purposes, I also booked their accommodation package, which entails hostel-style dorm rooms.

Moose Bus Adventures: Pacific Tour Route

The focus of the tour with be on the great outdoors, with highlights that include hiking in the Canadian Rockies, taking part in water sports on the scenic lakes, and wildlife-watching throughout.

Now as I travel to each of these incredible destinations, I plan to blog about all the sights and activities, and give an overall review of the Moose Bus tour experience. And of course there have to be a few quirks on this trip! For starters, I’m getting to Canada by driving from Wisconsin to Vancouver with Greyhound Bus! 😮 That should be quite the adventure in itself!

imageedit_1_3882739216 (1)
I’m preparing for gorgeous views and a numb butt! 😛

Stay tuned to hear all about it! Until then! 😀

11 thoughts on “Travel Itinerary: Canada Pacific Tour with Moose Bus Adventures

    1. Yes, I thought Moose Bus was the perfect way to see all these beautiful sights. Thanks for checking out the blog! I hope you enjoy reading my three recent posts about the tour. 🙂

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