Costa Rican Bucket List: Monteverde Zip Line Canopy Tour

More than just a zip line…a canopy tour in Monteverde gives riders not only the thrill of soaring high over the treetops, but also unbeatable views of this lush forested landscape. 😍

G1657718_1496334648966_highA zip line canopy tour is a series of suspended cables built high up in the treetops. The cables are built on a downward slope, so that the rider is propelled by gravity from one side to the other.G1547517_1496333403513_high

Fun fact: Biologists in Costa Rica were the first to popularize zip lines as a way to observe wildlife with minimal disturbance. Ever since then, zip lines have been popping up all the country, and the world, hopping to give users an unforgettable adventure. 😀

I booked my zip line in Monteverde with The Original Canopy Tour. They were the first tour in the area, and even hosted U.S. president, Jimmy Carter.G1507486_1496334858961_highThe tour included 15 cable zip lines, one Tarzan swing, and one rappel, plus equipment rental and transportation. When I arrived at the center, I signed a liability waiver, then I suited up with a harness, gloves, and a helmet.

guide and zip line harnesses

There were two guides and three other riders in my group: two from Switzerland and one from Germany.

couple on the right from Zurich and a guy on the left from Munich

From the center, we walked 15 minutes to the first adventure, the Tarzan swing. Now I jumped out of an airplane before without a problem; however, this thing scared the bejeebers out of me! Essentially you jump off a platform, free-fall for a few seconds, then swing through the trees. I think it was the proximity to all those trees that terrified me. The Swiss guy seemed less intimidated. 😛

Next, we made our way to the first zip line. Each person went one at a time, with one guide at the front to catch people, and one guide at the end to hook them onto the zip line. When it was my turn, the guide attached my harness to the cable with a removable trolley. He told me to place my hand on top of the cable (to control my speed), pull my knees up, and enjoy the ride! 😀G1657665_1496334526780_high

What a rush! The 15 zip lines ranged from 150 meters to 800 meters long, with the longest being my favorite. The views were absolutely incredible! 😍

About halfway through we also made a rappel down to the forest floor, then climbed up an old hollow tree and metal ladder back to the top.

ready to rappel 🙂

My guide also grabbed my GoPro to take some nice photos of me during the tour.G1627558_1496333728499_highOverall, the whole tour last about 3 hours, and was completely worth it for both the adrenaline rush, and the adventure in nature.G1637599_1496333796780_highWhether it be in Monteverde or not, I think zip lining is definitely a must-do for anyone’s bucket list! 😀G1657710_1496334677728_high

Cost: 45 USD or 35 USD with student i.d. 😉

6 thoughts on “Costa Rican Bucket List: Monteverde Zip Line Canopy Tour

  1. Hi Megan, I’m sure the zip line is an awesome adventure but being terrified of heights, I think I’ll live vicariously through you. My grandson Noah was at the zoo Tuesday and went on the zip line there and loved it! He sent me the video and I shuddered 😳. Thanks again for sharing your experiences of your travels. Can’t wait to see you when you return. Continued safe and exciting travels.💚Kim

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kim! That’s so awesome that Noah did the zip line too! 😀 Jackie showed me the video on Facebook. How cool! Also, I’m so glad you’ve continued to enjoy my travel posts. 🙂 I can’t wait to come home in a few weeks though. I’ve been missing Mom and Dad like crazy! Hopefully we can plan a get-together, like maybe a bonfire, now that the weather is nicer. Well, take care and see you soon! Lots of love, Megan ❤


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