Travel Itinerary: Volunteering with Wildlife in Belize

Hello everyone and happy spring! 🌷🌻

After spending three months overlanding across Africa, I was sure glad to fly home two weeks ago, to spend some much-needed time with my family back in the States.

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Finally! 😀 🇺🇸

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My family lives in the burbs, but we have the benefit of being only a short drive away from both the beautiful countryside and the urban city, with lots of different activities to be found.

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MKE 💛 #milwaukee #urban #city

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Truthfully though, I didn’t feel much like doing activities, and I spent most of my time watching television on the couch with this little ball of fur, my parent’s dog, Ella. ❤

I mean, camping in Africa for three months had really taken a toll on my body, so I left feeling pretty rough, grungy, and tired. Hah! 😛what-we-feltAnyway, after two weeks of R&R, I’m finally feeling refreshed and ready for the next big adventure! 🙂17522470_10212438130498159_517661930_o

Travel Itinerary: Volunteering with Wildlife in Belize

My next adventure will be in Central America, volunteering in northern Belize with the wildlife conservation group, Wildtracks.

Geographical location of Belize (zoomed out/zoomed in)

Wildtracks is a non-profit organization, which focuses on conservation, education, and research, by running successful programs in both primate and manatee rehabilitation.
volunteerI’m eager to share lots of information with all of you about manatees, as well as, what it’s like to volunteer with this organization. From what I’ve read so far, Wildtracks has greatly improved the local marine conservation efforts, and you might say, they’ve already gained my seal of approval. 😉82701Wait? Was that a cheesy marine animal pun? 😛
i-didn-t-do-it-on-porpoise-kids-premium-t-shirtAnyway, all jokes aside, volunteering in Belize will also give me the opportunity to connect more with the local people, and afterwards, I plan to visit the islands of Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker, where there is lots of spectacular diving to be found. 😀

I’m still finalizing the details of my trip using this helpful travel book, but expect a full report of my experience in the near future. Until then! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Travel Itinerary: Volunteering with Wildlife in Belize

  1. We’ve only stopped in Belize for a day and went to Xunatunich. The guide joked that in all of Belize city only one traffic light works and that was the one we were stuck at…
    Anyway, would love to hear your journeys in the country. And the flight over the sea, that looks like something to do!


    1. Hah! Too funny! Xunatunich looks beautiful! Sounds like your time there was short, but sweet. I’m hoping to see a few Mayan ruins on the trip as well. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my experiences in Belize. Take care! 😀

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  2. Megan, so sorry we weren’t able to connect with you this trip home. 😔Tried to stop by the house a couple of times with no luck. Have wonderful and safe continued travels. We will look forward to your upcoming blogs. We will miss you.
    💜 Kim & Ron

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    1. Hi Ron and Kim, So great seeing you all tonight! Hope you have a wonderful sleepover with the boys, and enjoy the rest of your evening. Happy Easter! Take care and see you in June. Lots of love, Megan XOXOXO


  3. Hello Megan! I have so very much enjoyed your adventure writings, and I think I am finally up to date. I have been seeing your mom for years, so I feel like I have known you indirectly. Looking forward to your Belize experiences, as we were there some years ago. I recall that we got to our hotel on Ambergis Cay to find a Packers beach towel hanging from the next balcony 😄 Even more surprising was finding a van from the Milwaukee County Zoo near San Ignacio, where we were at an eco lodge! The Zoo here apparently has/had an affiliation with wildlife programs in Belize–perhaps you will cross paths with them, if they are still active. In any case, I am sure you will have more remarkable adventures in that friendly country. Enjoy!!

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    1. Hi Suzanne,

      Thanks so much for checking out the blog. I really appreciate your support. 😀 I’m glad you had such a nice experience in Belize. Everything here so far has been just lovely. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my volunteer experience here. There’s so much to learn about the animals, and I find myself already getting attached to the sweet baby monkeys. 🐒💚 Well, take care and thanks again.

      All the best,


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