Zanzibar Island: Kendwa Beach and Diving Mnemba Atoll

Kendwa Beach is a stretch of white sand next to pristine turquoise waters. ❤

IMG_20170210_145303_232It is a dream destination for everything from tanning and partying, to enjoying a wide range of water sports.


kayaking in the Indian Ocean
windsurfing on the ocean
beach modeling 😉
walking along the pristine beaches


speedboats on the water


souvenirs on Kendwa Beach
beach pics
African paintings for sale
crabs on the beach

While in Kendwa Beach we stayed at Sunset Bungalows.20170212_080022The resort had luxurious rooms, and our stay included a hearty continental breakfast.  hotel

Maandazi Tanzanian donuts and a sweet porridge spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg; rolls with butter and jam; eggs

Our first day in Kendwa Beach we indulged in some serious rest and relaxation, taking in the beautiful beach views and lounging in the sun. 😀P1040375IMG_20170209_174128_557

This place absolutely spoiled us rotten! The nearby resort had surprisingly good sushi, and our hotel had an awesome beach bar with colorful lights and swings. Also, others in our group decided to visit the nearby Mnarani Marine Turtle Reserve, and swim with some adorable sea turtles.

beach bar with lights and swings 🙂
sushi and sashimi platter

In the evening we all reunited to enjoy the beautiful beach sunset. IMG_20170212_041132_117The next day I signed up for a two-tank dive with Scuba Do Zanzibar. G0524329I went with four others on my truck for a morning dive, which gave us the added bonus of a stunning seaside sunrise. 😀IMG_0738IMG_0737The company took us in a speed boat to an island called Mnemba Atoll, one of the top diving areas in Zanzibar. 😀
G0304037Our first dive site was Wattabomi and the second was Kichuani. Here we are, ready to go! 😀

dive buddies

The visibility was spectacular, with loads of pink and purple coral teeming with marine life. Highlights included trigger fish, trumpet fish, butterfly fish, and a stingray.

trumpet fish
Moorish Idol with sea anemone


pink coral and starfish


unique coral that looked like a head of broccoli 🙂

In between dives we had nutella-filled chapati and tropical fruit to refuel. The biggest obstacle with the dives was the cold temperature. Luckily that was easily overcome after basking in the sun after. G0013878Overall I found the company to be incredibly professional; however, the dives were quite expensive at 120 USDHere’s a short video I made from the two dives.

Well, seven people on our tour loved Zanzibar so much, they even decided to extend their stay for five days, and meet us at our next stop by taking a short flight.

Zanzibar ❤

The rest of us on the other hand began an over 800-mile road trip to Malawi. The drive was rigorous and full of speed bumps, but I really enjoyed the country views. Highlights included a field of 2,000-year-old Baobab trees, and our last taste of local Tanzanian cuisine, chips mayai. 😀DSC_0231DSC_0247DSC_0238

chips mayai- an omelet made with french fries

Anyway, after over 35 hours of driving we finally arrived in Malawi on the shores of Lake Malawi. Stay tuned to hear all about it. Until then. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Zanzibar Island: Kendwa Beach and Diving Mnemba Atoll

  1. Wow,so lovely to know you guyz enjoyed part of East Africa(Zanzibar). Next time your in Tanzania, try the famous chips joint at Dar es salaam,EDO CHIPS..Its ;chips there,are so awesome. And also a trip to Mbudya highlands.. Its fun and cheap. We are in Dar es salaam too but our work is to promote the good places and all that tourism entails… Truly East Africa..

    Thank you for sharing your experience, that promotes East African tourism ,for more info of places that are good extra extra,visit our blog or contact us for a free online Q&A session where you get to ask and we answer. Its free,


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