Salzburg and the Austrian Alps

Salzburg is an absolutely elegant and romantic city, filled with classic Baroque architecture, and divided by the stunning Salzach River.

15875429_10106197539483077_8406482238131575424_oIt’s also surrounded by the beauty of the Austrian Alps and in close proximity to many picturesque lakes.DSC_8045In fact, for its beauty, the Old Town was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.DSC_8019The city is incredibly musical as well. It was even the birthplace of famed composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

the birthplace of Mozart

There is even a famous chocolate named after him called a Mozartkugel, made with pistachio, marzipan and dark chocolate. On that note, Salzburg is somewhat of a confection lovers’ paradise, as I found multiple chocolate shops in town, like this one, Zotter Schoko-Laden, which had unique flavors like banana, lavender, and saffron.chocThe legacy of Mozart and the passion for harmonious sound still lives on in Salzburg, as they host nightly opera performances in the city. I didn’t get the chance to attend a show, but I was able to catch a free performance of Swan Lake instead. Hah! 😛

And last, but certainly not least, the city was the filming location for, “The Sound of Music.” As such, one of the first things I did in Salzburg was take the Original Sound of Music Tour offered by Panorama Tours.DSC_8010The tour bus met in Salzburg at the entrance of Mirabell Palace. The song “Do-Re-Mi” was filmed in their gardens. thOf course, as luck would have it, when I got on the tour bus, I sat down next to a girl from West Allis, Wisconsin. She’s currently teaching English in southern Spain. 😀G0323322_1483703597865_highOur first stop on the tour was Leopoldskron Palace where they filmed the boat scene when the children fell into the lake. DSC_7947 We also drove by the palace gates where Maria stood on her first day at the Captain’s house. DSC_7957Next up it was Hellbrunn Palace to see the gazebo where they filmed the song, “Sixteen Going On Seventeen.”DSC_7961helbrunDSC_7971 At this point we had an hour-long drive to the Salzburg Lake District. Luckily they served alcohol on the bus during our ride, and our guide played the “Sound of Music” soundtrack for us to sing. 😀

On our ride we also stopped by the scenic Lake Fuschl and Lake Wolfgang in St. Giligen for a photo op. IMG_20170107_124452_106Our last stop for the day was in the quaint town of Mondsee, where Maria and Baron von Trapp were married. DSC_7985We went inside the wedding chapel, Basilica St. Michael, which is filled with Gothic statues and has a pretty pastel ceiling that reminded me of a painted Easter egg. 🙂 churchI even managed to snag a few postcards at their gift shop.DSC_7999At this point we headed to a charming bakery in town for an Austrian classic, hot apple strudel.DSC_8001DSC_8002The buttery strudel pastry was served with heavenly vanilla cream sauce. I’m not a big sweets fan, but it was OK to share. 😉DSC_8003Anyway, we returned back to Salzburg in the afternoon where I ended up wandering the city streets with an Australian girl from my hostel.DSC_8026

art installation in Salzburg
Hohensalzburg Fortress

We ended the evening atop the Hohensalzburg Fortress, which offered a spectacular view of the city. PicsArt_01-06-06.25.01The next day I decided to go for a hike up Kapuzinerberg Hill. The path was incredibly wooded, and provided scenic city views along the way.DSC_8039DSC_8042DSC_8037The path led me to Franziskischlössl Salzburg, a small 17th century fortress.DSC_8043At that point I was freezing my tush off and decided to head back down the hill. 🙂

Accommodation: While in Salzburg I stayed at Yoho Hostel. dfsThe hostel had very stylish dorms, clean showers, and they also showed “The Sound of Music” movie every night. I made sure to stock up a few appropriate snacks for showtime. 😛

2017-01-05 16.38.49
“Tea, a drink with jam and bread.” 🙂

The hostel also included a free ‘apple strudel shot’ to welcome guests.20170106_180336-1

Lastly the hostel gave me a discount on the Sound of Music Tour. The tour normally costs 42 Euro, but I only paid 37 Euro and they even included hostel pick-up. 🙂

Cost: 21 USD/night

Getting there: To get to Salzburg from Vienna, I took the Westbahn train. The journey took 2.5 hours, and I pre-bought my tickets online with Flixbus for only 20 USD.

Well, that wraps up my time in Austria. Up next I’ll be going on another big adventure. Stay tuned for the itinerary. Until then. 😀

8 thoughts on “Salzburg and the Austrian Alps

  1. Hi Megan….It sure was nice seeing u when u were home…..and now you are in Salzburg…. Amazing!
    I sure enjoyed the beautiful pictures from that country…Hope u get my comments. Melody

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Melody! It’s so great to see your comment! I really enjoyed our visit as well. Kim, Ron and the gang have always felt like family to me, so it was so nice to see everyone when I was home. Thanks for checking out the post. I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures. Hope you’re having a wonderful new year! Take care. 🙂


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