Travel Itinerary: Israel and Jordan

Greetings all!

After enjoying one month in Eastern Europe, I’ve decided to switch up the scenery by spending the next three weeks in Israel and Jordan. The focus of this trip will be religious sites, natural wonders, authentic Beaudouin life, and all the hummus I can get my hands on! 😛carrots-hummus-spoonI’ll be visiting a friend in Tel Aviv for a portion of the trip as well.

Here is a fixed map of my planned itinerary for this trip.trip

I’ll be reviewing each city in further detail, but for now, enjoy the overview of this journey. Stay tuned! 😀

4 thoughts on “Travel Itinerary: Israel and Jordan

  1. Nice! We’ll be doing this next year! Will you share more on the road to Petra and the options for independent travel please? Many thanks! Perhaps if you have contacts which can help fix up a journey it will be great!

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  2. Just spent the early morning hours catching up on your blogs.

    Did not realize Budapest was actually two cities joined by the chain bridge. Enjoy the pics of the different types of food, and the people that you meet.
    Loved the bit about the women selling her wares on the seat next to you. haha.
    I am truly amazed, and enjoy your travels. Keep safe and continue writing. 🙂

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    1. I thought that was very interesting about Budapest too! I’m glad you enjoyed the posts. 🙂 I see that you went to a Keith Urban concert. So jealous! It must have been a wonderful show! 😀 Well, I look forward to continue sharing my travel ventures with you. Take care. 🙂


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