Transylvania Bucket List: Spend Halloween at Dracula’s Castle

Count Dracula is a classic Halloween monster, based on the historical figure, Vlad the Impaler.DSC_6154This ruthless Transylvanian tyrant had a real thirst for blood. Vlad the Impaler presumably killed around 100,000 people, and his preferred method of execution was impaling them on a spike. It’s been said that Vlad the Impaler and the Bran Castle gave inspiration for the fictional character, Dracula, whose torture seems quite tame in comparison to this real-life monster. 😮
Visiting Bran Castle is a must-do while in Transylvania, but during Halloween, the experience is taken to a whole nother level.castleYou see, Bran Castle hosts an annual event on Halloween.30653982405_2fac141991_kThe event provides nighttime access to Bran Castle, where frightening fairies awaits you. 😮DSC_6151Inside they also have a meet-and-greet with Count Dracula himself. 😉DSC_6140After touring the castle, visitors drink red wine and black vodka in Dracula’s courtyard before heading to a tent on the castle grounds, for an all-night after party.DSC_6147I went to the party with a couple of Aussies from my hostel, and a solo traveler from Texas.30537317782_5c8d4f3f2d_oWhen we arrived in Bran, I was expecting to see a barren castle surrounded by wooded forest, but the town is actually quite charming. There were small streets lined with street vendors, selling all types of spooky costumes, and hearty Romanian fare. They had slabs of crispy pork meat with fried potatoes, topped with pickles and hearty chunks of loafed white bread.DSC_6129DSC_6131It was hard to choose between the spooky Halloween props for sale, but I finally decided on these frightful fangs. Absolutely perfect for Dracula’s castle! 😀2016-10-30 06.50.13Anyway, our tour through Bran Castle was unguided; however, the visitors inside were entertaining enough.DSC_6136Many had already indulged in mulled wine, and were hollowing like wolves as we all walked through the creaky wooden rooms, and down the narrow passageways of the castle.DSC_6156DSC_6157DSC_6146

buffet of brain and eyeball cupcakes in Dracula’s dining room

Of course my camera lens cap had to fly off in the torture room! Hah! And as I scrambled along the floor with my phone light, I tried not to bump heads with these horrid contraptions. 😮DSC_6164There were two-man saws used to cut people in half, a mask of blindness, and a spiked rack, used to pull appendages apart using a metal crank.DSC_6163Yikes! I don’t know any Romanian, but I think the logical translation for this sign must be, “Attention! Scary!” 😮DSC_6165Walking through the castle was spine-chilling, and literally chilling as well. We were happy to end the tour with some spirits, as a way to warm our bellies and lighten the mood.DSC_6168The black vodka was wild-berry flavored, and tasted like a shot of cough medicine. The red wine was a dry Cabernet, and few Dixie cups full sure hit the spot. 😉IMG_0506Trying to look scary. 😮IMG_0507From the castle we made our way to the after-party tent, and as we walked there, we saw a techno light show across the facade of Bran Castle. DSC_6134The interior of the tent was insane, with rave lighting, pounding music, and easily a thousand people partying inside.14937118_10154636794269414_195767122_nThere were demons on stilts, half-naked little people shaking it Chippendale-style, and go-go girls dancing in red leather on stage. The people were mid-20s to mid-40s, and almost everyone was dressed in costume. The tent floor was covered in fall leaves and the bars were all decorated in Halloween props. It was the ultimate spooky party scene!IMG_0511IMG_0512Drinks were around 5 USD, with mixed cocktails, beers, and shots. The music was a mix of hip-hop and classic rock, with a lively beat to keep everyone awake.
We made it until around 3 AM, when our friend lost her wallet in a leaf pile. We ended up taking taxis back to the hostel from Bran, with cost around 5 USD per person.
Cost: 37 USD for castle access, including complimentary alcoholic beverages, and entry into the Halloween tent from dusk until dawn.
Overall, this was the most epic Halloween experience ever, and all Dracula lovers should add this to their bucket list! ❤
Stayed tuned to hear more about Brasov, my home base, in close proximity to numerous attractions, like this spooky castle of Count Dracula. Until then. Happy Halloween everyone! 👻🎃🕸

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