Bohemian Bucket List: Czech Beer Spa

Now as I alluded to in my previous post, Czechs really love their beer. ❤

Through my travels here, I’ve found the price of beer to be half the price of a latte, and even cheaper than bottled water. Because of this it’s no surprise that Czechs consume more beer than any other country in the world. Each person drinks roughly 37 gallons per year. 😮391c434e2a62b9bec353cd5af3a3fd57Fun fact #1: One of the most popular Czech beers, Budweiser Budvar, is in a long-standing legal dispute with its American counterpart. Currently, the brand is sold in the States as Czechvar. DSC_4457[1]Fun fact #2: “Roll Out the Barrel,” a famous song played during the seventh-inning stretch at Miller Park Brewers games was actually composed by a Czech musician. roll-out-the-barrel-we-39-ll-have-a-barrel-of-fun-4Fun fact #3: The beer brand, Duff Beer, made popular on the show The Simpsons is actually sold in Prague!homer_simpson_duff_beer_13072015_620_465_70Anyway, since I’m traveling in such a beer mecca, I felt it was my duty to indulge in this hoppy delight. I decided to make the experience more memorable by going to an authentic Czech Beer Spa.DSC_4716[1]

Czech Beer Spa

There are many beer spas in Prague, but I chose Bernard Beer Spa for their high customer ratings and appealing atmosphere.IMG_0356[1]Beer spa treatments have been around for over 2,000 years and the health benefits are really quite notable. The spa helps rejuvenate skin, improve circulation, relieve joint pain, and detoxify the body.

Essentially the beer spa is composed of Czech hops and Brewer’s yeast, full of essential vitamins and minerals. The smell was very pungent and earthy.IMG_0355[1]Now to aid in mental relaxation, you are also able to consume an unlimited amount of Bernard beer, poured from your own personal tapper. The pale lager is both unfiltered and unpasteurized, with a well-balanced taste and a moderate 4.6% ABV. DSC_4726[1]Throw this in combination with the incredible ambiance of the beautiful brick cellar, royal oak bath tub and the medieval candelabra, and you have the ultimate bucket list bath time experience. 😀G0082473_1476102310216_highNow, with my spa package, I had thirty minutes in the beer tub, which included my own personal bath attendant. They even provide a large cow bell for me to ring if I need anything at all. Talk about royal treatment!DSC_4727[1]Now I don’t know if this makes me sound like an alcoholic, but I was honestly incredibly thirsty when I got there, and may have drunk the beer a little too fast. 😛G0032159_1476102744000_highIt doesn’t help that you’re your own bartender! Hah!G0072459_1476102387569_highAnyway, my bath attendant was quite cute, and at the end of my treatment, he even asked me for a hug. He said my positive energy made him smile, and brightened up his day. I honestly think it was all my drunk giggling. Hah! 😀DSC_4711[1]As you know, I have no shame, so I recorded a brief video of the beer spa. I may have been tipsy during the recording. All in good fun! 😛

Well, after the bath things got a little bizarre as I was led into a different cellar, wrapped in a warm towel on a bed, and told to relax for another half hour. IMG_0361[1]What seemed quite strange at first, was actually quite relaxing. The cellar bedroom had a sparkly chandelier, mood music, and this ceiling light display, that was completely mesmerizing in my drunken stupor. It appeared almost like a fireworks display. 😛IMG_0357[1]Anyway, by the end of the spa I was feeling relaxed from the inside out. Upon leaving I was also given a spa certificate, coaster, and a beer of my choosing. I opted for a dark brew, my personal favorite.IMG_0364[1]Overall, an incredible spa experience and a must during your stay in Prague. 😀G0072448_1476102360740_highWell, that wraps up my time in the Czech Republic. Next I’ll be moving onto Berlin. Stay tuned for more exciting European ventures. Until then. 🙂

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    1. Yes, since I’m from the States, we usually measure in gallons. Glad the conversion was accurate. 🙂 I definitely recommend the spa. The beer was tasty, and the atmosphere was so relaxing. 😀 Thanks for checking out the post!

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