Beautiful Bohemia: New Town Prague and Beyond

For the fourth and final, more modern district of Prague, we have New Town.

Prague: New Town

Although it may not be as charming as Old Town, it’s historically significant, since this is where Czechoslovakia was finally liberated from Communism. It was here, in Wenceslas Square, that the Velvet Revolution of 1989 took place.
Prague would never be the same. No turning back. To a progressive and prosperous future! 😀DSC_4683[1]DSC_4693[1]While visiting New Town, I stumbled upon a lovely fall market.DSC_4686[1]They were selling ham, beer, and Czech specialties, like Trdelník, a buttery pastry coated in cinnamon sugar. DSC_4688[1]

Prague: Off The Beaten Path

Now beyond the suggested sites, I wandered on the outskirts of the city to find a few hidden gems as well.

For starters, south of the city center is the architectural beauty entitled, Dancing House. Some say it symbolizes the evolution from rigid Communism (right) to a more carefree Democracy (left). Others say it represents the dancing pair, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. 🙂
IMG_0323[1]Even if modern architecture isn’t your thing, I’d recommend walking here simply for the gorgeous stroll that it took me along the Vltava River.DSC_4551[1]DSC_4559[1]DSC_4554[1]Further south was my second stop, Vyšehrad, a historical fort with a stunning church and cemetery, a resting place for famous Czech artists.
DSC_4564[1]DSC_4571[1]DSC_4578[1]Even if you’re not religious, I’d recommend visiting this spot for its spectacular panorama of the persimmon rooftops overtaking Prague. ❤DSC_4580[1]And speaking of spectacular views, my favorite view so far has got to be from Hanavský PavilionIMG_0295[1]As you can tell by now, I’m simply falling in love with this stunning city, and now you can understand why. ❤30171581115_d8648eb2f6_o


While in Prague, I stayed at Sir Toby’s Hostel. The rooms were clean, the showers were hot, and the staff was incredibly friendly.maxresdefault

Cost: 11 USD per night

Budget Dining

Now for the majority of my meals here I’ve been shopping at BILLA, the local grocery store. Here you’ll find everything you need, from fresh fruit and eggs, to bakery and flavorful cheeses. And yes, the beer here is even cheaper than water!station2And this begs the question, even with all this walking, just what kind of workout will I be getting here in Prague? 😛Motivation-BURPEES-Meme-e1419395848351Now I’ll leave that as a segue into my last post on Prague. Stay tuned. 😉

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