Life in Bangkok: PAWS and The Comedy Club

Greetings all!

Recently I started volunteering for the animal welfare group, PAWS, in Bangkok. Since I’m a Certified Veterinary Tech, I spent my first weekend there helping to vaccinate around 50 of their adorable resident cats. Thereafter, I spent the past two weekends helping them to raise both money and awareness for their charitable cause.

PAWS Bangkok

28614740251_2c1d2a9d11_z(Pet Animal Welfare Society) runs a successful TNR (trap-neuter-release) program, in which they aim to gradually reduce the population of homeless street animals living in the Bangkok Metropolitan Area. Additionally, their facility takes in distressed cats with special needs, such as those with paraplegia or renal disease, knowing that their survival is in our hands. Furthermore, PAWS offers discounted veterinary services to the public, and houses around 50+ cats/kittens, which are available for adoption.  28614740231_f33e3612b1_zOur first fundraiser was held at the monthly farmer’s market near Ekamai Mall28648531452_3589747280_zLuna was sure tuckered out from a long day of being entertained. 😛28614740211_0fcfa66e67_zOur second fundraiser was held at the W District, a trendy lifestyle neighborhood, filled with art galleries and restaurants.
28804297925_555abed69b_cThis weekend they held a farmer’s market there, where the sold organic natural products, and healthy whole foods.
28189415483_392e62df0e_cIt was the perfect opportunity for PAWS to educate the public about their worthy cause.28189415423_2ea73224a6_cThe kiddos sure loved playing with kitties. Overall, a great success! 😀
28189415453_c5f2b32ce2_cLastly, PAWS has recently partnered with Kraftka – Sneakers by the People, for the People. These handcrafted high tops, designed by BKK locals, as well as, flip-flops and t-shirts can be found at Siam Center, of which partial proceeds go towards PAWS. 😀28076408403_2aaeddd77b_zPersonally, I enjoyed Kraftka’s custom concept, and even tried handcrafting my own sneaker from a picture I took in Chiang Mai. 😀
28076408373_7b607898bd_zIn general, PAWS is always looking for volunteers to help at their shelter. Feel free to contact their Facebook page for more info. 🙂

Anyway, after giving back to the community the past two weeks, I decided to treat myself to a night of comedy in Bangkok.

The Comedy Club

I went with a group of co-workers to Bangkok Comedy Club for their show, “Whose Line? Improvised Comedy.”28804220555_e81e4bbd34_cDuring the show they acted out everyday scenarios, in which a particular twist was added. The twists being that they had to converse using only questions, couldn’t use certain letters, or had to speak in unison with their partners. For example, imagine being two Loggers trying have a conversation without using the word, “L.” Their skit began with, “Sir, could you please hand me that piece of fine timber?” Hah! Gets a bit tricky! 😛

Anyway, other skits got quite raunchy during the show, so I would only recommend this for 18+. As well, they made the audience participate, so I would take advantage of their free drink coupon. Makes things easier for those who embarrass easily. 😛28804220585_be9027fbc1_cLastly, in addition to comedy nights, the club also holds workshops for aspiring comedians. Feel free to check out their site for more info.

Ticket cost: 7 USD, including a free drink coupon.

Anyway, that’s all for now. This next weekend I’ll be spending three days in the historic province of Sukhothai. Another adventure lies ahead! 😀

Until then. Take care and enjoy the week everyone. 🙂

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