A Slice of Heavenly Pai

Nestled in the foothills of Mae Hong Son Province is the quaint village of Pai. DSC_3778This place epitomizes pastoral life, with endless rice patties and a laid-back country vibe.DSC_3751The beauty of Pai is not only its remote location, but its rustic simplicity that will suck you in, and leave you wanting more. 😀DSC_3764DSC_3770And then there’s those unexpected hidden gems that make Pai all the more appealing.

Coffee in Love

For starters, the country roads of Pai are lined with quirky cafes, like Coffee in Love(pictured above) and The Container(pictured below), which offers visitors a cup of java with a heavenly view. ❤

The Container

Furthermore, you’ll also find a lot of unexpected non-Thai food in this small Thai village. DSC_3690

For example, I went strolling the street food market with two girls from London.  They ordered Mediterranean falafel, while I tried a Cornish chicken pastry. DSC_3736

Lastly, there’s the offbeat accommodation that I really had to see to believe.IMG_20160719_171732Of course there are plenty of charming guesthouses here, settled alongside the tranquil Pai River. DSC_3695DSC_3693DSC_3692But then there’s the more obscure lodging, like Pai Circus School, which offers guests not only accommodation, but free circus lessons each afternoon. 😛DSC_3724I like bizarre places, so I knew I’d have to stay there at least one night. I made sure to get my own bungalow though, as the idea of sharing dorms here made me a little wary. Group massage? No thanks. 😕
13698092_10157184139430430_6708363466967172428_oMy bungalow was basic, with only a mattress and fan, but it was peaceful, and had a killer country view.DSC_3716DSC_3715 DSC_3761Anyway, all of my concerns that this was some freaky hippie commune was quickly put to rest, as the place seemed to attract just a really cool group of travelers.

guests relaxing in the pool
setting up for morning yoga

And yes, they do offer a pretty informal circus lesson each afternoon. 😀DSC_3718DSC_3722Additionally, they always have juggling balls, fire sticks, unicycles and hula hoops available for use. DSC_3669While watching this future Cirque de Soleil, I began chatting with a cool traveler from Texas. She had just finished an internship with the United Nations World Food Program in Zimbabwe, and was now on break before beginning a Masters in International Studies with Columbia University. 😀G0191898After chatting for a bit, we decided to rent motorbikes and cruise the country roads of Pai.
IMG_0181Cost: Less than 5 USD per day

Word of warning: 1 out of every 10 tourists here in Pai had a bandage on themself from a motorbike accident. The bumpy gravel roads are dangerous, so drive slowly. I even asked the company for a refresher driving lesson, and the guy gladly took me to an empty lot where I could practice a few laps before hitting the streets. Highly recommended for any bike newbies! 😀

Bike rentals may be cheap, but damage repair is not! 😮20160720_134129Anyway, as for must-see sights in Pai, there are numerous hot springs, waterfalls, and endless mountains views. The most notable vistas are from Pai Canyon and Yun Lai Viewpoint, so we chose to visit those sights first.

Pai Canyon

DSC_3677Walk across this rich red terrain and take in unbeatable views of the green Pai valley. DSC_3684Absolutely stunning! 🙂DSC_3685

Yun Lai Viewpoint

DSC_3785To get to the view point, we drove past farms, rice fields, and even a charming Chinese village.IMG_0187DSC_3812 IMG_0188During the last leg of the journey,  we really had to haul a** up a big hill, but it was absolutely worth it in the end! Hah! 😛IMG_0182The Chinese Village members charge 20 baht for entry, but it includes free tea served in delicate China. The perfect pairing for this heavenly view. 😀
viewDSC_3800DSC_3809 DSC_3803DSC_3808Anyway, all that biking worked up an appetite, so I decided to end my afternoon by enjoying a delicious northern specialty, Khao Soi. DSC_3817This dish combines coconut chicken curry with spaghetti noodles, topped with crunchy fried noodles, and a fresh garnish of onion and lime.DSC_3821It’s a beautiful blend of salty, sweet and spicy, with a nice combination of creamy and crunchy. You can even add chilies for an extra punch! 😛
foodAlthough the flavors may be different, it reminded me of a noodle casserole from back home that we used to top with fried French onions. So delicious! The perfect ending to my vacation in northern Thailand. ❤20160720_112810

After that, I took a bus back to Chiang Mai and a flight back to Bangkok.

Cost: 38 USD  flight, booked with Royal Thai Airlines.

Overall, it was another fabulous adventure in Thailand, and there’s plenty more trips that lie ahead. My next vacation is in three weeks, and I’ll be heading to a tropical island in southern Thailand. 😀

In the meantime, the kids at school are taking midterm exams, and I’m a busy bee grading notebooks. Never a dull moment around here. Stay tuned and until next time everyone. Take care and have a great weekend! 😀


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