Travel in Thailand: Koh Larn and the Sanctuary of Truth

The past weekend I traveled two hours south, to the city of PattayaDSC_3027Pattaya is one of the closest beach cities from Bangkok, and although it has a reputation as a party spot, it recent years, they have made an effort to make the area more family-friendly. 😀

family-friendly activities: jet skiing, parasailing, and kayaking

What to See

One of the must-see attractions in Pattaya is undoubtedly the jaw-dropping temple, The Sanctuary of Truth.

The Sanctuary of Truth 

IMG_0070The Sanctuary of Truth is a wooden temple covered in intricate Buddhist and Hindu sculptures. DSC_2905DSC_2907DSC_2914The hand carved sculptures are reminiscent of Khmer architecture, similar to the striking temple, Angkor Wat. IMG_0059IMG_0061The sculptures showcase religious motifs from Cambodia, Thailand, India and China.DSC_2953DSC_2961The temple really exudes elegance with its intricate design and regal allure.DSC_2928DSC_2933DSC_2926For this reason, it’s described as, “The Magnificence of Heaven Recreated on Earth.”DSC_2920DSC_2917DSC_2951The temple hopes to use art and culture as a way to show how humans are connected. Regardless of religion, we are bonded by the universe, all striving for goodness and peace. 🙂DSC_2966

The temple displayed many lovely quotes, including the following:

Physical beings deteriorate, ravaged by the time, but truth and goodness are immortal.DSC_2948

“Beauty is rather a light that plays over the symmetry of things than that symmetry itself.” – PlotinusDSC_2911DSC_2913DSC_2903

Overall, the Sanctuary of Truth is absolutely massive, and its grandeur warrants a visit to Pattaya for this site alone. IMG_0065In fact, the temple is still under construction, with an estimated due date of 2050. Currently visitors must wear hard hats when walking around the site.IMG_0075As such, I can only imagine how spectacular the site will be upon its completion. An absolute must-see! 😀DSC_2897Cost: The entrance fee is a rather steep 14 USD, but it does an include an English tour guide, plus the site has other family friendly attractions, like ATV rides and a petting zoo. 🙂
DSC_2891Anyway, after a day in the sun, we were ready to refresh by the pool. 😀beachpartyWe found an event at the Pullman Pattaya Hotel, with free entry, drink specials, and DJ beats, all with a fabulous beachfront view. 😀
DSC_3003DSC_3007They even had festive floaties! 😛

rainbow unicorn floatie
pizza slice floatie

The cocktails were priced around 5-10 USD, which is reasonable considering the upscale atmosphere at the hotel.
DSC_2971The perfect place to watch the sun go down. 🙂DSC_2982

Where to Eat

Now since my friend had spent two years living and teaching in South Korea, we decided to dine on Korean food that evening. 🙂
DSC_3017To start, the restaurant brought out a complimentary kimchi platter, which included chili pickled cabbage, radish, and cucumber, as well as, seaweed, sliced egg, and a sweet potato salad. fooFor dinner, we had a traditional bibimbap, consisting of rice, vegetables, and fried egg with a red pepper paste. DSC_3018As well, I tried a kimchi jigae, or spicy cabbage stew with pork.

Where to Stay

Courtesy of, we found a great deal at a hotel called Sutus Court. The room was less than 30 USD, and the facilities we quite nice. DSC_2887And although the pool may have been littered with old fogies, we had our hearts set on the beach, so we didn’t mind. 😛DSC_2889Anyway, to get to that beach, we took a ferry to the adjacent island of Koh LarnDSC_3032

Koh Larn Island

The 45-minute ferry ride was less than $1 and dropped us right off at Tawaen Beach.  DSC_3044DSC_3033The water was a crystal clear blue, and the sandy beaches were well-maintained. DSC_3031For added comfort, we rented a few lounge chairs for 3 USD, and indulged in the ultimate beach getaway. 😀DSC_3043This was the prime spot for people watching, as we noticed many couples (in matching swim suits) having a DIY photo shoot on the beach. Adorable! ❤DSC_3035Overall, a fabulous and budget-friendly getaway from Bangkok.

Now my next big excursion will be to the historic city of Sukhothai. In the meantime, I hope to update in the next post about school happenings thus far at Assumption College. Until then. Have a great week everyone! 😀

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