The Top Sights in Beijing: Hutongs, Hot Pots, and Imperial History

Greetings all! 😀

I’m back from China, with full internet access, and ready to update you all on the past three weeks of travel.

To begin, I spent the first week in China with my mom, exploring the culturally complex city of Beijing.

Beijing-Map-ChinaHere are the highlights of our journey. 🙂

After flying into Beijing, I waited at the international arrival terminal for my mom to arrive. While at the Starbucks there, enjoying my vacation latte, I made friends with a Chinese man.He was 35, playing video games on his laptop, and waiting for a flight to Chengdu.

He told me I was beautiful and asked if I wanted to go on a date for cake. He said he had three doctors in his family, which was his big selling point.
He, on the other, sold milk powder for a living, and had an apparent addiction to video games. Hah. 😛VVVI politely declined his offer, but he seemed determined, so he left his belongings with me and returned minutes later with KFC. 😕25829254141_cfd1d47b11_oNot cake, but a tasty egg tart. Such a sweet gesture. 🙂

After saying goodbye to my potential suitor, I took a free shuttle to meet mom at arrivals. There are three terminals at the airport, and hers was a 20-minute ride away.

After a much-needed reunion, we took a 45-minute taxi to our hotel, which cost 10 USD.

Accommodation in Beijing

While in Beijing, we stayed at the Red Wall Garden Boutique Hotel.dsc_0747_25714645171_oThis is a luxury boutique hotel I found using TripAdvisor. The hotel itself has traditional charm, and we found the staff to be very attentive. The major draw was its central location, near all the famous historic sites.dsc_0023_25521419670_oThe hotel was recently renovated, yet remains very charming, preserving the original wood furnishings, decorated with beautiful Chinese antiques.25811243375_7b6b9f2ca9_oSide note: Mom brought facial masks for Beijing’s notorious pollution; however, we never used them, other than for this photo shoot. 😛25807775175_e01375bac2_o

Our first night in Beijing was spent on Wangfujing Street, to check out the nightlife, which included street aerobics and classical dance near the Wangfujing Cathedral.beiji_25713397721_odsc_0069_25521419710_odsc_0074_25521419760_oWe also took in a cheap meal of warm noodles, which were superb on this chilly 40 degree night. 🙂25807775195_06390b1a58_oOn day two we began visiting the major attractions in Beijing, starting with the Forbidden City.

Walking down our hotel’s street toward the Forbidden City

Historic Sites

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