Life in Bangkok: Coffee with Cats and Volunteering with Change-A-Life

Greetings all and Happy Belated Valentine’s Day! ❤

Hogs and kisses ❤

courtesy of Google images

Being an animal lover, I felt like getting an extra dose of cuddles this Valentine’s Day.

Classy Cats at Caturday Cafe


For this, I went to Caturday Cat Cafe in Bangkok. They offer a full menu of coffee beverages, sweet treats, and complimentary kitty cuddles. 🙂DSC_0017The decor at Caturday is very posh and sophisticated, which suits these spoiled kitties well. DSC_0062

regal kitty with a bow tie

The dressed up cats were a comical sight, and even this sour puss was actually quite sweet. 🙂

grumpy kitty with a bow tie 😛

The cats are all pretty social, and clearly food motivated. 😛DSC_0027DSC_0021DSC_0010DSC_0008DSC_0071This one even followed me into the bathroom. Hah! 😛DSC_0065What an adorable ball of fluff! 😀DSC_0055DSC_0003Check out these cuties enjoying a literal cat nap. Just precious! 😀
DSC_0042DSC_0049My favorite was this stud muffin, who enjoyed a tube of wet cat food, licked off a spoon. DSC_0072DSC_0075DSC_0077In my opinion, the purrfect way to spend this Valentine’s Day. Love! ❤DSC_0013 I also felt like spreading the love this Valentine’s Day by participating in a charity event through the meetup group, Bangkok Volunteers.

Volunteering with Change-A-Life

DSC_0251The organization, Change-A-Life, works to create calisthenic bands, which are donated to hospitals and nursing homes, used by both the elderly, and patients in physical therapy. There are various models, which strengthen arm, leg, and shoulder muscles.DSC_0229These exercise bands are easily made, using rubber bands and PVC piping, which makes them inexpensive, yet surprisingly durable. DSC_0223

braiding the bands together

This was my finished product, decorated with red roses for Valentine’s Day. ❤DSC_0234DSC_0237The project was held at Suan Mokkh Bangkok Religious Center, which has a beautiful wooden pavilion overlooking a tranquil lake. DSC_0231It was great way to relax in the city, feel good by giving back, and meet a whole bunch of very sweet, like-minded people. DSC_0228Check out this adorable little helper. 😀DSC_0227

fellow volunteers from Australia and Illinois

The genius behind these bands is Dr. Maytee Thammawattan, who had us test the strength of these bands, as well as, our own flexibility by providing a complimentary workout using the bands we created. 🙂883628_10153959815506018_620235963147798586_oWork it out! 😀

To find out about volunteering in Bangkok, join Meetup Group: Bangkok Volunteers.

Lastly, I saw some even more creative calisthenics, while walking the streets of Bangkok last night.

A Korean group of street dancers called, HISPOP Entertainment, set up a DJ booth and dance floor in the Silom district, providing free entertainment for all. They are seriously skilled and incredibly limber. Thought you might enjoy! 😀

FYI: the last two minutes is strictly DJ beats. There’s no street dancing, but you’re free to dance at home while you watch. 😉

Itinerary for China

Now next week, I will be heading to China for over three weeks. As promised, here is a rough itinerary of my travel plans.  I will be taking mostly internal flights, but an overnight train as well. I even added pictures of each city’s main attraction. 🙂china

I love planning and have a detailed itinerary as well, but I’ll keep that to myself as I know that things change quickly when traveling depending on the people you meet and the experiences you encounter. I’ll need to stay flexible, just like those bands. 😉

Take care and until next time. Enjoy the rest of your week! 😀

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