Querétaro Daily: Friends Come and Go Like the Waves of the Ocean

…but the true ones stay, like an octopus in your face. 😛


Well, this past week was the last week of the school at Erik Erikson.

We started the week off with a bang when the school hosted a carnival for all the kids.
The students could shoot zombies or Angry Birds, and even get a pie in the face. 😛
clay5Some of the games were geared toward the sporty type, like basketball and bowling. clay6Other games were a little more my style. BINGO!
clay8The kids had tacos, crepes and received carnival prices. Even the candies here are spicy.

Chili covered pineapple sucker.

IMG_2423Fun was had by all, even their teachers! 😛
clay7As a hands-on end of the year activity for 6th grade, I had the students choose a story we had read throughout the year. Their task was to summarize key points and create a clay scene to depict a major event in the story. Here are some of their creations:

From left to right: Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo; The Fruit bowl Project by Sarah Durkee; Science Friction by David Lubar.

clay1From left to right: Star in the Storm by Joan Hiatt-Harlow; The Princess Who Became a King by Joyce Hansen; Bodies from the Ash by James M. Deem.
clay2From left to right: Onward by Delores Johnson; Finding the Titanic by Robert Ballard.

*Disclaimer: The Hulk was not originally in the story of the Titantic, but merely a humorous addition by one of the students.* 😀

clay3From left to right: First to Fly by Peter Busby; Robotics by Helena Domaine.clay4It sort of felt like a like a mini episode of Reading Rainbow…less creepy too. No offense LeVar Burton. :/artworks-000065443412-mwo9j1-originalThese books were all great reads, but you don’t have to take my word for it. 😉reading-rainbow-w-dAnyway, it was also a fun review activity for the kids, since we have read quite a few stories throughout the year.

Additionally, the moral of each story had a common theme.

Each of the stories presented a main character that had to overcome challenges in pursuing a goal. They all encountered numerous problems and received doubt from many of the people around them. Whether they were astronauts, scientists, pilots or explorers, they all pursued and achieved their goal despite the difficulties along the way. It was a great anecdote to share with the kids, to remind them that their dreams are achievable if they have passion, persistence and the courage to take the first step. 😀

Friends Come and Go Like the Waves of the Ocean

The last day of school was pretty rough for 5th grade. Despite the lighthearted games of Scattergories, Mad Libs and Would You Rather? that I had planned for my lesson that day, all the girls were crying by lunch time. 😦

They were pretty upset that some would not be attending the same school next year and most would not see each other over summer.

Well, I had to find some way to end the waterworks, so I abandoned my original plans and designed a craft corner for the girls, where they could create friendship bracelets for each other. 🙂clay9That being said, the boys were not as emotional. Hah.
As such, I was able to set up America’s Funniest Home Videos, so that everyone could enjoy a good laugh.

No more tears were shed. Phew!
What a great group of kids. 😀
IMG_2426Now the last day of 6th grade meant graduation day. IMG_2422The theme was adventure, and this quote seems to be my travel motto as well. 🙂

An adventure may be crazy, but the adventurer, in order to carry it out, must be sane. – Gilbert Keith Chesterton 

The school even provided an Indiana Jones themed fruit bar and chocolate fountain.  
IMG_2472Now, this graduation was another emotional moment for all, including teachers, students and their parents.

The students would all be leaving this school, and moving onto secondary. The kids and their parents have known each other for the past six years, and now many would be attending separate schools. :/

After a few heartfelt speeches and a commemorative video, everyone gathered on the courts for one last good bye. 
IMG_2474Finally, today was the last day of school for the teachers, and as a send off, they organized a beer and pizza party.IMG_2489This is where I learned that my Bubba Keg doubles as an excellent beer mug. 😀
IMG_2488Now, after seeing all of these good-byes, you may be wondering if I’m sad to leave. 

Honestly, I don’t feel like this is good bye. I’m blessed to have worked with such wonderful students and co-workers, and who knows when all our paths will cross again. 

I know that regardless of the distance, just like an octopus, true friendships will stick. 😀

The Next Step for ESLVentures

d9b4a48c671160f2919ae06073a2d297Currently, I am in the process of packing my bags and hitting the road. The next month will be straight traveling for this gal. 😀

My first stop will be the gorgeous, tropical destination of Cancun.

Now, I’ve managed to donate most of my clothes and have condensed my luggage down to one suitcase. *pats self on back*

That being said, I still have way too much stuff! :/

At the moment, I’m trying to answer the age old question.

Just how many layers can I wear to the airport? Hah.

IMG_2490I’m sure I’ll be the only one flying down to Cancun dressed like the abominable snowman. 😛

Anyway, I’m extremely excited and I have a lot on my agenda. I’ll be spending time traveling throughout the Yucatan, scuba diving, exploring Mayan ruins and uncovering hidden gems.

You can guarantee I’ll be blogging along the way! You’ll get to know what I saw, where I stayed, what I ate, plus all the expenses along the way. 😀

Stay tuned. Things are about to get interesting. 😉

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