Querétaro Daily: An Ode to the Emperor and My Alma Mater

An Ode to the Emperor

This week we went on a class field trip to visit Cerro de las Campanas in Querétaro.classThe name Cerro de las Campanas translates to the Hill of the Bells, because of the unique rocks that supposedly sound like bells when clanked against one another.
IMG_2260 IMG_2280The kids had a great time exploring the interactive history museum, and traipsing around the beautiful park grounds.
IMG_2266 IMG_2265 Oh yeah, of course their teacher had fun too. 😛
IMG_2264IMG_2262IMG_2282One student even said he found himself a new girlfriend. 😉
The site is also an important part of Mexican history, due to a tragic event that took place on these grounds.

In the 19th century, Napoleon III of France had appointed Maximilian I as Emperor of Mexico to establish an imperial monarchy in the country.
18435315105_2a3320efbd_oMaximilian I had honorable intentions to help the Mexican citizens; however, he was betrayed by Napoleon III and abandoned by the French. Mexican Juaristas, a.k.a followers of Benito Juárez, sought to overthrow Maximilian I and his army, forcing them to flee Mexico City and take refuge in Querétaro.

Cerro de las Campanas became their new hide-out, and presently there are tunnels from the hills of the bells leading to the center of Querétaro. These underground passageways were dug by his army, so that the emperor could secretly navigate the city.

Unfortunately, this story takes a tragic turn when his army weakens and Maximilian I is captured and executed by Republicans of Benito Juárez.

These were his final words:

I forgive everyone, and I ask everyone to forgive me. May my blood which is about to be shed, be for the good of the country. Viva Mexico, viva la independencia!

Regardless of disputes over the emperor’s integrity, the history museum here still pays tribute to Maximillian’s reign, and considers this site both an ode to the emperor and also an important part of Querétaro’s history. 😀

Here are the kids standing with the statue of former Mexican president, Benito Juárez.

An Ode to My Alma Mater

On a more positive note, I would also like to pay tribute to my university, and consider this post an ode to my alma mater. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee last year, and would like to thank them all they have helped me achieve. 😀

This Alumni Spotlight will be featured on the UW-Milwaukee International Studies website next month, but here is a sneak peek.spotlight

Until next time. Happy Thursday! 😀

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