Extreme Sports in San Luis Potosí: River Rafting Tampaon

Now that the weeks have passed, the company Huasteca has finally sent us action shots of our whitewater rafting adventure in Ciudad Valles. 😀

The following are some of the best shots on the river, as well as, a play-by-play of the disastrous fall made by my cohorts. 😛 Enjoy!
Ready to begin. Nice and dry, and all smiles! 😀
11216525_979224382111559_4002528356726701096_o 11203556_979225928778071_8494207387882482020_o 11230918_979226842111313_1043633000135570373_o 10845770_979228562111141_5621494327225575629_o 11194461_979230178777646_8515290845609670983_o 11212685_979226982111299_3259065913510621533_o 11206661_979227218777942_962180832475196723_o (1)Stopping for a break in a sweet cave. 🙂
11187253_979230265444304_2610898875196137199_o 11053874_979228778777786_8037246906525408015_o 11155122_979226965444634_4910336438256031314_oFeeling like champions on the water. 😀
11160606_979229528777711_2129124674186396241_o (1)Getting ready to take a leap off the side! :/
11143148_979231185444212_6077096699318951493_oDown they go!
11109201_979231265444204_7789547706170268524_o 11072814_979231295444201_8621043253329234720_o 11269484_979231315444199_1597011233776695000_o 11270396_979231422110855_5679172769079173276_o11037245_979231562110841_8096585400029262513_o 11229782_979231675444163_7112728402313287788_oAt this point I was thinking, “Thank God I didn’t jump off this boat.” Hah.
10915106_979232258777438_2082674215419674608_o 11200909_979231745444156_6314282450625693505_oRegardless of the battle wounds, they all still had an amazing time! 😀
11249702_976879932346004_2538636844416751893_nI have another fantastic trip planned for this weekend. Can’t wait to tell you all about it when I return. Until then. 🙂

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