Querétaro Daily: Red Solo Cup…Let’s Have a Party

Red Solo Cup 

This week, fifth grade has been learning about effective communication and teamwork.

Inspired by an activity found on Pinterest, I designed the red solo cup challenge.

The students were given the following items:

  • red solo plastic cups
  • 1 rubber band
  • 4 pieces of string

For the first activity, they had the task of moving and stacking three plastic cups into a pyramid shape without using their hands. They tied the strings to the rubber band, and by working together, had to pull on the strings to expand the rubber band around the cup. The activity was fun, challenging and required teamwork. They completed the first activity with ease.

For the second activity, two of their cups were filled with dry rice. They had to transfer the filled cups into the third empty cup without spilling any rice grains. Some were successful on their first try, while other teams needed a few tries. It is not as easy at it looks. 🙂
IMG_9330For the final activity, the grand-daddy of them all, they were asked to stack nine cups into a pyramid as fast as possible. 😀

For this, we needed a little motivation from Rocky. 😉

IMG_9334 IMG_9335
IMG_9338Success! One team completed the challenge in 2:05!

Give it a try and see if you can beat their record. 🙂

Ice Breaker 

I have also been trying to get this group to open up and get more comfortable in their skin. Here was a fun ice breaker that I implemented in class this week. 🙂

Some of the handshakes were embarrassing and silly, especially milking the cow, but it made everyone laugh and bond with each other.
Shuffle HandshakeIMG_9325 IMG_9322Popcorn Handshake
IMG_9320Butterfly Handshake

Let’s Have a Party 

Two weeks ago, I promised my co-workers I would host the next dinner party and prepare a traditional Midwestern meal.

When I think of Wisconsin, three things come to mind: meat, cheese and beer. 🙂

Now my mom always taught me to cook for an army, so I prepared a huge pot of meaty chili with all the fixings.

I started by sauteing onions and garlic in butter.cook collage1Then I added jalapenos, tomatoes, and seasoned the dish with chili powder and cumin.
cook collage4After browning some ground beef, I added that to the pot along with tomato puree, and a can of beer.cook collage5Lastly, I added some dried beans that had soaked overnight and had been boiled until tender.

Now this post was inspired by Toby Keith’s song Red Solo Cup, which is a country song that reminds me of Wisconsin. It talks about having a good time with a few drinks. 🙂d538249ca94519bcdffd3b7c39878e43

PBR or Pabst Blue Ribbon was established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, so I felt it was only appropriate at this point to sit back, let the chili simmer, turn on Toby Keith, and crack a beer. Hah. 😛IMG_9289IMG_9307Before the girls arrived, I prepared a coleslaw made with purple cabbage, shredded carrots, avocado, mayonnaise and red wine vinegar.
cook collage2 cook collage3The chili was served with sour cream, manchego cheese, tortilla strips, and honey wheat rolls with butter.
IMG_9303My co-workers had never tried chili before. They thought everything was absolutely delicious. 🙂IMG_9310
IMG_9311 IMG_9313For an after-dinner drink, I busted out a delicious bottle of cream liquor that had been hiding in my suitcase. 🙂IMG_9315Rumchata, a.k.a the nectar of the Gods, is a combination of spiced rum, cinnamon and real Wisconsin cream. Yum!

I served the Rumchata on the rocks with a splash of iced coffee. Here is my Vanna White close-up. 😉cook collage6Even after feasting all afternoon, we still had a ton of chili, so all the girls went home with leftovers. They told me it was just like a wedding. 🙂

Also, after learning so much about Mexican culture and cuisine, I was happy to share a taste of the Midwest with them. 🙂IMG_9309After a delicious meal, a little liquor, and a lot of laughs, we were ready to call it a night.

Another fantastic week in paradise. Until next time.IMG_9112

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