Querétaro Daily: Parents’ Weekend

This weekend we hosted an event at the school called Feria del Libro.

play-18This event gave the parents an opportunity to see what their children have been learning in school. On Friday, my role was to assist with set-up of the 3rd grade aquarium. The kids in that grade have been learning all about marine life.hangfishWe also showcased a few crafts done in art class and organized craft projects for the kids.mosaicThese penguins were made using recycled bottles.bottlesFor the craft session, the kids made paper lampshades. I thought they were SO COOL, so I had to make one too. 😀play-27They sold a few Mexican dishes during the event, like tamales oaxaqueños and champurrado. Oaxacan tamales are made using corn dough, lard and chicken mole. Champurrado is a thick chocolate corn drink.tamale2I struggled a bit during the parent’s weekend, since I still have some trouble communicating with everyone in Spanish. Overall, I was able to introduce myself to everyone and keep my conversations short and sweet. 🙂

At the end of the night, the dance class performed a routine for the school. I could NOT believe the song they chose for the children’s dance routine. The teacher was Spanish and I am almost POSITIVE she didn’t understand the meaning of the lyrics. It was SUCH a dirty song. Gahh! Everyone was clapping along and smiling, and I was the lonely English-speaking gringo standing there with a shocked look on her face. Hah. Oh well! I just have to shake my head and laugh sometimes.

Then on Saturday, my role was to help set-up for the 2nd grade moon landing.10422202_10203082189270817_506714133761204069_n10522905_10203082188910808_5478385833627440704_nThe boys dressed up like astronauts and the girls dressed up like stars for their presentation. So adorable!play-2Lastly, my kids presented their play. Our play’s narrator made this director’s cut using wood and paint. So clever!play-1They were SUPER nervous beforehand, but they did a fantastic job!
playcollageplay2collageThe few people that understood English thought the play was extremely interesting, humorous and informative. The disappointing part is that many people don’t understand English. :/

Oh well! The kids learned a lot about culture and also about how to work together. For those reasons, the project was a success. 🙂play-3After an exhausting weekend, I didn’t have the energy to go exploring. Laundry and grocery shopping were the most exciting things on my agenda. Hah.

I did have a chance to start planning out some future expeditions. During my search, I used the site Airbnb to look for accommodation. They advertise cheap hostels and rooms with locals of the area.

I thought it was comical when I decided to look for Airbnb accommodation back home in the US. Look what I stumbled upon. 🙂gliddenGood ol’ Glidden, Wisconsin! 😀

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Another exciting win for the Packers. Woo hoo! Good night and until next time. 😀

3 thoughts on “Querétaro Daily: Parents’ Weekend

  1. Wondering what song the kids danced to… As was my coworker who I shared the story with…?
    A few years ago at the community pool I was shocked when the young girls were doing a synchronized swim routine to the Elvis song “Burning Love”> teenage instructor was to blame for the song choice and degree of hip gyration > have since wondered what the parents thought… 😀


      1. Hi Megan,
        Thank you for the reply. You were right: “YIKES”!
        And thank you for your fun and educational blog. You do a great job on it and it seems that you do a great job with your students.


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