Querétaro Daily: The Perfect Pairing

Yesterday I went with my co-workers to the bar Santo Diablo. They had a nice open patio with comfortable cabana chairs. We all ordered a few drinks to unwind from the week. Of course, I ordered my favorite michealada. 😀

Now what is the perfect pairing with a few drinks? FREE food. 🙂

The restaurant offered free appetizers like beans, sopes, popcorn and roasted pork tacos with homemade salsa. Delish!wpid-img_20140912_170826_6971Here are a few of my lovely co-workers. Cheers to a great night out! 😀10702022_10202663038672314_3356529431834176770_nAfter sleeping in for a bit this morning, I left Querétaro for the town of Tequisquiapan.screenshot-2014-09-13-at-10-45-33-pmTequisquiapan is the center of the wine and cheese producing region. I had a lovely ride there through the countryside filled with mountains, farms and the smell of manure. 🙂

I arrived in a rather quaint town filled with beautiful colonial architecture.

Here are a few stunning doors as well. 🙂IMG_4299_zps480f0f93IMG_4296_zpsb9021128 (1)

In addition to wine and cheese making, the town has a strong indigenous population. The Chichimeca and Otomi people sell many artesanal crafts in the town, including pottery and woven baskets.

In the center of town is Plaza Hidalgo, which surrounds the breathtaking Temple of Saint Mary of the Assumption.

I walked around town for a while and shopped.  This town has a very laid back and tranquil vibe. Many people are enjoying a coffee or wine at a restaurant in the square. They have a beautiful park filled with lush shrubbery and a calm river that runs through the back of town.

I ran into a few cowboys on horseback while I was there. They offer horseback riding tours through the canyons. I was not properly dressed today, but I plan to return on a Tuesday for a ride. Looking forward to it. 🙂

After all that walking, I became pretty hungry. I decided to try some of their famous cheese. This tastes similar to a smoked gouda. Yum!wpid-img_20140913_163042_4681Now what is the perfect pairing with cheese? Fruit! 🙂

With the cheese, I decided to pick up some papaya at the market.papayaWhen I first cut the papaya, I was pretty skeptical. It smelled awful. When I searched Google to explain what papaya smelled like, this is what I found:screenshot-2014-09-13-at-9-37-22-pmHAHAH! I plan to take the snacks with me tomorrow when I visit the hot springs with my friend Doris. Let’s hope the taste is much better than the smell!

After a few hours of shopping, I headed back to the bus terminal to wait for my ride home. What a gorgeous view!


So glad that I went to visit this town. Until next time. 🙂


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