Querétaro Daily: Tragedy and Triumph

Yesterday I made the following post on social media:

¨My students in Mexico were born in 2001. This morning I came into the class with a drawing of two buildings on the white board surrounded by smoke and fire. On the board, they wrote the following words: ATTACK. EXPLOSIONS. WAR. INTENTIONAL. DEATH. TERRORISTS. INNOCENT PEOPLE. NEVER FORGET. Never have I been brought to tears this early in the morning. This day of remembrance is felt across the world and across generations.¨

9/11 will be forever ingrained in the minds and hearts of America. To me, it was very moving to see that this tragedy seriously impacted the minds and hearts of my young students in Mexico as well. Even though they are not American and were barely even born at the time of the attack, they still recognize that terrorism is unnecessary evil and cannot be justified by any cause.

Although this week has been a time to remember serious tragedy, it has also been helped us to see and appreciate the gift of life. Live in the moment and make life beautiful. 😀

This week we were able to celebrate the birthday of two students in our school. One was in the 4th and another in 5th grade. CAKE! 🙂cakeToday I also celebrated my ONE month anniversary in Querétaro. Woo hoo! It is a small triumph and victory for me! Everyone at the school has been so kind and welcoming. They have made it an easy transition for me. Let’s celebrate and eat more CAKE! 😀img_4263This week has definitely been a roller coaster of emotions. It is saddening to see that children have to be exposed to violence at such a young age, but encouraging to know that they understand the negative outcome of such hateful acts.

I found these quotes to be a very inspirational way to get me through everything and remain positive.

Seize the day. Be happy. Love life. Smile. 🙂df6a5c57af1d24d4532d57e198ecb7b8

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