Querétaro Daily: Shake It, Don’t Break It

This week the students are learning a lot about responsibility. They have become guardians for some very fragile cargo. 😛

egg3They have to care for an egg like it is their baby. They are told whether they would have a girl, boy or twins. They have to buy an egg, carry the egg(s) with them wherever they go and provide shelter for their egg. Such an adorable project.egg2egg1Some even named their eggs. Aldo named his little boys Dipper Jones and John Carver. ADORABLE!

Unfortunately, there was also a tragedy this week.

On the car ride home Monday, Santiago’s parents stopped too fast at a red light and his little egg went flying in the air and smashed. 😦

That was a good lesson. Kids, babies and other precious cargo should also wear a seat belt. 🙂

Anyway, next week Tuesday is Independence Day in Mexico. It is the equivalent of Fourth of July in the United States. Everyone celebrates and parties on the 15th, then relaxes and nurses their hangover on the 16th. 😛

On Monday, we will have a party at the school. We will have games, music and a potluck during lunch. Each teacher is also responsible for organizing an activity for the students.

The activities will include a disco dance floor, bingo and a competition eating doughnuts from a string. 😀shakeitAfter searching through Pinterest, I have decided my activity will be crafting homemade maracas!egg4I thought it was the PERFECT project, since the kids had just purchased eggs to take care of this week. We will use the leftover egg cartons to create maracas!103d2ae9fb56268d0e0e1284fdf87ac2The egg cartons are cut, filled with dried beans and glued to a Popsicle stick. The kids can paint them creatively and then SHAKE away! 😀

I created a DIY maraca yesterday to see how it would look. It turned out super cute. 🙂maracI still have a ton of egg cartons to cut, but it should be a great project for the kids. 😀img_4254Monday should be lots of fun!

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