Querétaro Daily: Little Places, Big Discoveries

In Spanish, the suffix –ito OR -ita is often added to the end of the word to indicate something that is little in size.

Yesterday I went to visit El Pueblito, which is a little town that lies just outside of the city. Whenever I visit a new town, I like to rate my experience using all of my senses.


The town had quaint streets, a beautiful church and a bustling plaza. I approve. 🙂img_4213 cerrito  SOUNDS:

A combination of market vendors selling products, dogs barking and Enrique Iglesias music playing in the shops. I approve. 🙂enrique-iglesias-19a


FOOD! A combination of tamales, tacos, tortas and churros. YUM! This leads me to my next sense. 😀


Steak tacos. DELICIOUS! I SERIOUSLY approve. 🙂

Err…I guess I’ll leave this one out. HAH.cerrito3From there I visited the archaeological site El Cerrito, which translates to ¨little hill.” El Cerrito was the ancient pyramid of the Toltecas and the Chichimecas.cerrito8cerrito4img_4193Although you could not climb the pyramid, it was fascinating to walk around the grounds and learn about the history of the different civilizations. They even offered free guided tours to their guests.img_4201img_4194

Sacrificial altar

From there, I went to explore a few markets. As usual, it is sensory OVERLOAD. So many shops selling absolutely EVERYTHING you could imagine.cerrito5I did walk into a tiendita or little shop and find a fantastic discovery. Possibly the only 3X shirt in all of Mexico. Hah. Maybe that was an exaggeration, but it is hard to find shirts that fit my Dad. 🙂img_4219They sold shirts that were locally made in Tequiquiapan and typically worn by ranchers and cowboys. The fabric was very light, which is great. He is always sweating. Hah.
img_4228Although I only visited a few LITTLE places today, I discovered many wonderful and BIG things. Great success!

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