Querétaro Daily: Tasty Seafood and Talking Shoes

Last night I checked out the restaurant, La Sirena Gorda.It translates to ‘The Fat Mermaid.’ I didn’t see anything fat about this. Hah. I had a delicious bowl of ceviche that was made with fresh shrimp, octopus, tomatoes, onions, citrus and cilantro. The flavor was very light and refreshing. The bowl was topped off with a freshly sliced avocado and a squeeze of lime juice. YUM! I washed it down with a delicious michelada, which is my new favorite drink. This Mexican Bloody Mary was prepared with Clamato juice and served with a tamarind straw. Tamarind paste has a sweet and spicy flavor, which is very popular here. I pushed the straw aside. Hah. I have not fully understood the obsession with this stuff.sirenaFor an appetizer, my friend and I tried a boiled artichoke served with a spicy cream dipping sauce. It was OK. I still prefer the CHEESY artichoke dip that I know and love from parties on football Sunday. DROOL. 😀 This may have inspired me to go out and buy the ingredients to make it at home one weekend. Packer party in Mexico anyone?   CHEESEHEAD 4 LIFE. 😛cheeseIn class this week, the sixth graders have been learning about personification. We have gone over numerous examples where writers use human characteristics to describe objects or animals. My number one example was Beauty and the Beast.giphyTo ensure comprehension, I had the students write a short story describing the thoughts and feelings of their shoe throughout the day. They had a few questions to consider. How does the shoe feel about the other shoe? How does it feel about the sock? What does the shoe dream about? What annoys the shoe? 🙂 Their short stories were excellent!

Some shoes were very irritable. Hah. They didn’t like the laces. They thought the person’s foot smelled. They talked about how they feel when they step in gum or dog poo. Their ideas were all very creative, as usual.

Tomorrow I’m going to present them with different images. They have to work in pairs to create dialogue for the pictures. I’m hoping this will help with their understanding of personification, improve speaking skills and also make for a great laugh.bunTonight I also had a meet and greet with the parents. I had to prepare a little speech to deliver in Spanish. Everything went well and all the parents were very friendly. We discussed one of the projects for the year. The students will have to work in groups to buy, prepare and sell lunch once each week to their fellow classmates. This will hopefully teach them important life skills like teamwork, responsibility, organization, communication and mathematics. They also get to save the money for a school trip at the end of the year. Such a great idea! 🙂  I capped off the day by purchasing a few items in preparation for Mexico’s Independence Day. I will talk more about that celebration in another post. 🙂

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