San Miguel de Allende: If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock, Build a Door

This is a fantastic quote and a great explanation for my move to Mexico. The opportunity to come here didn’t just present itself. I sought it out and began this new journey in life. I am passionate about travel and won’t let excuses and fear keep me from carving my own path in life.

I could not have been happier with my decision thus far. Each new city I visit presents it’s own unique marvels and this weekend was no exception.

I left on Saturday morning from Querétaro en route to San Miguel de Allende.screenshot-2014-08-31-at-8-46-26-pm11Last year, San Miguel de Allende was named the MOST BEAUTIFUL city in the WORLD. 😀

I took a Flecha Amarilla bus for around $5. It was a beautiful ride through the countryside. Fall is right around the corner. Yay! It was also a very bumpy ride. Hah. I somehow managed to do my make-up on the bus. I think I deserve an award. 😀sanWhen I arrived in San Miguel de Allende, I felt like I had love at first site. This city is majestic and I had goosebumps as I walked through all the cobblestone streets.
san9san12I stopped in at the church and convent of San Antonio.san7I made my way through the winding streets to the principal plaza of San Miguel. This is where you’ll find the icon of the city, La Parroquia de San Miguel.san10I wish I could begin to describe the sounds and smells of San Miguel. The pictures just don’t do it justice. The combination of fresh flowers, wonderful perfume and whiffs of culinary delicacies as I walk by each restaurant made me feel like I was some sort of fairy tale. San Miguel de Allende is also full of retired Americans. Haha. It seems to give city a very laid back vibe. Cars drive slowly. Everyone is smiling and laughing. The city gives you the warm fuzzies. 😀san8I also chose that quote about a door for a more literal reason. I have a discovered a hidden obsession. OLD DOORS. 😀

I think I have a problem and I am OK with that. There is something uniquely marvelous about these doors. Each one is intricately carved with different designs, handles and colors. The attention to detail is remarkable and is almost symbolic of how much pride the locals have in maintaining the allure of this town.

This obsession I have is a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, I felt like I was watching fireworks this weekend as I walked by each new door. They were all stunning and really made my experience wonderful. There were many ‘oohs and aahs’ as I walked by each one. On the other hand, I could never get to where I wanted to go. I had to stop like every 10 feet to take another picture. hahah. I couldn’t help myself.

Here are the doors of San Miguel. 😀door2door3door4Check out all those knockers. HAHA. :pdoor1door5I finally made it to my hostel after about two hours of wandering. Iron House Hostel was great and the hostel owners were fantastic. They grilled some meat on the bbq and then sang some karaoke songs. They are big fans of Frank Sinatra. After some peer pressure, I caved and sang ‘Stand by Me’ and ‘Ring of Fire.’

After a little singing, I went back out to explore more of the city.

I started at Fabrica La Aurora, which is an art and design center.

From there I went to visit various markets that showcased different artisanal items, food and lots of clothes.

This top was super cute, inexpensive and who doesn’t want to try clothes on behind an old bed sheet? HAH.img_39471As night began to fall, the town came alive.san11san13Here is a clip of a mariachi band in the principal plaza.

The hostel owner told me that his daughter and her boyfriend were coming to town. They wanted to go salsa dancing and they invited me to come along. We went to this bar called Mama Mia. They had a live band and great salsa dancers. I rarely had a chance to sit down. 😀san14We wandered back to the hostel around 2 AM. I awoke early the next morning to church bells and roosters crowing. I guess 8 AM would be my wake-up call. Hah. I walked like a zombie to the nearest coffee shop.

My next stop was the botanical garden in San Miguel. Wow! It was quite a hike through rough terrain.

El Charco botanical garden was worth the trip.san5san6Look at the beautiful flowers and wildlife.san2san4san3After a long hike, I headed back towards the bus terminal and returned home. I found some cute earrings at the gift shop as a way to remember my visit. This was my first, but I have a feeling definitely not my last trip to San Miguel. 😀

3 thoughts on “San Miguel de Allende: If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock, Build a Door

  1. oh what a wonderful time you had I just enjoyed this trip, The pictures are great, love doors too. The streets are very neat , but i can see the street are very difficult to walk ya


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