Querétaro Daily: Just Call Me Grace

Today I took a day trip to the city of Bernal.Next to this city is the Peña de Bernal, which is the third largest monolith in the world. This rock is over 10 million years old and over 400 meters high.Visitors are able to rock climb or hike to the top.img_3614-1The town of Bernal is also a Pueblo Magico, which is an award given to a town in Mexico that preserves history, culture and natural beauty.bernal10Getting to Bernal, was the first part of my challenge. I had to walk an hour to the bus stop. I took that RedQ bus to the bus terminal. From there I bought a bus ticket for around $3 to Bernal.
wpid-img_20140823_145851_547Street vendors have an interesting sales tactic on these bus rides. The vendors board the bus and place their item or trinket in your lap. After a short explanation of the benefits of their product, they come around to either collect their trinket or your money. At first, I had some chocolate candies in my lap. No thanks. Second, I had this ointment that smelled terrible like mint. It was supposed to relieve ailments, like back pain. No thanks. Some people bought both of these things.
wpid-img_20140823_092143_596The best part of the trip was smelling the cow manure as we road out to Bernal. This area is known for cheese making and dairy. There are lots of farms. ❤ My favorite. The trip took one hour. We were dropped off on a random road near the town of Bernal.

wpid-img_20140823_143039_120From there, I walked to Bernal. It was a beautiful town filled with friendly people.bernal6 The town is filled with plenty of shops and restaurants. They sell a lot of jewelry and textiles. Milwaukee icon. I ❤ cows.bernal5They also have plenty of fresh juice stands and Bernal is famous for their gorditas. I tried pineapple juice. The gorditas are filled with pork, beef, beans or guacamole.img_3630They had a 5k or 10k race today in Bernal, so there were many people running in the streets. The race finished in the town center where they had music and entertainment. They were handing out samples of wine, cheese, cheese corn muffins and ice cream. 🙂 They also had complimentary massages for the runners.img_3624I even tried a salsa made of grasshoppers. It wasn’t very good. It was pretty oily for a salsa.img_3612After walking around the adorable time, something unfortunate happened. I took my first digger in Mexico. I hadn’t even hiked up the mountain yet.

I was simply leaving a jewelry store and fell into the cobblestone street.  Just call me GRACE, because it was not GRACEful at all! Hah. In my defense, I had put my backpack in front of me to make sure nobody stole my things when I was shopping. For this reason I did not see that there were two steps down the sidewalk to the street. I thought there was only one. 😦img_3637The store owner immediately rushed over to help me. He brought me into his store and sat me down in a chair to clean up my wound. His wife came over to bring me a natural balm to rub around the wound. After cleaning me up, they brought me an ice pack. Their daughter Amara, who is 5 years old, came over to talk to me. She just started her first week of school. She sang me a song she learned in class that was just adorable. 😀 After icing my leg for 10 minutes, I thanked them for their hospitality. They really went above and beyond. As I was getting ready to leave, Amara came over and brought me a bracelet. She said it was good luck so that I wouldn’t fall again. It was the sweetest gesture ever.img_3641Even though it hurt a lot falling in the street, I was so glad to have that experience. I felt so much care and warmth from the people there. Armed with my bracelet, I now had the courage to go and climb the mountain.bernal At the entrance, there were plenty of numerous selling beverages and more of those famous gorditas. It was kind of strange, but there was also a water show at the entrance with Frank Sinatra music.

My climb to the peak was pretty inspiring. The town looked beautiful from above and the music from the town echoed to the top of the mountain.
bernal4bernal2After an hour of climbing, I MADE IT! 😀bernal3If I wanted to go any higher, I would need rappel equipment for rock climbing.

I felt very happy with that climb and LUCKILY I didn’t fall again. I was very careful and made a slow descent down the mountain.

I past by so many beautiful purple and orange flowers. I had to get a snap a picture.img_3677I made it back to that random street to wait for my bus. This sweet old man was kind enough to offer his rock for me to sit on, while he sat on his luggage. So thoughtful.img_3680After thirty minutes of waiting, I caught a bus back to the terminal in Queretaro. I stopped at the terminal for a little shopping. They have everything there. I found a Victoria’s Secret and bought some new perfume.bernal7Anyway, it was a long and exciting day. The mountain was spectacular and the town was very picturesque. What I will remember most were the people I met in Bernal. They were all so kindhearted and made me feel very welcome in their town.

I capped off the night with a beer, lively conversation and plenty of Mexican mariachi music with my roommate and his friends. Here is a sample mariachi song. Enjoy. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Querétaro Daily: Just Call Me Grace

  1. Dam that sore looks really bad, when you got back you should had a Doc look at it. Glad you had met so many nice people.


  2. Megan, i am a friend of your mom’s, and also Julie Glad’s mom. Am enjoying your blogs and admiring your adventurous pursuits!
    Happy travels to you!
    Suzanne Glad


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