Querétaro Daily: Older and Wiser

Today I am 26! Wow. This has been my first birthday away from home and I didn’t know what to expect.

img_3570Even though I was in a new city and thousands of miles from family and friends, I have never felt more loved. ❤

My students made this for me today.img_36042-1img_3599They also made me a poster.img_3600After lunch, my co-workers surprised me with a cake and sang ¨Happy Birthday¨ to me. 🙂img_35961It was SOO SWEET and I could not have felt more welcomed and loved by everyone. I received lots of hugs from all the staff and lots of cheek kisses. It is very common practice in Mexico. Of course, my students got to enjoy the cake too.img_3597I have also received so many kind words from friends back home and from my loving family.

I just want to say, ¨THANK YOU SO MUCH!” I am one lucky girl to have you all in my life.

As the saying goes, “the most important things in life aren’t things.” This is very true. It is the people who love and care about you that matter most. 🙂

This first week of school has also been going very well. We have worked on a few fun projects.

My 6th grade class read The School Story and made a collage for each of the characters. img_3593img_3594 My 5th grade class learned about role models.  I used my grandma as my example. She is my role model. I had the students create a poster about their role model using descriptive adjectives. My words were orGanized, Respectful, pAtient, iNtelligent, frienDly, Modest and cAring. Here were the student’s posters.img_3562For my birthday today, I had them do a really FUN project. They had to draw our classroom, but their papers were on their heads. 🙂

This is what I wanted them to draw.
img_3591Everyone got an ¨A¨ for effort. I bought them suckers as a reward. 😀wpid-img_20140819_153924_689When I got home this afternoon, my roommate Pablo surprised me with this treat.wpid-img_20140821_181106_5701I told him that I double-checked and couldn’t find any gray hairs this morning. 😛

Anyway, another year older. I also feel wiser too. Even though I am a teacher, I feel like I am learning so much from my students every day. They teach me to laugh at silly things and worry less about life’s troubles.

What a great decision to make this change in my life. Thanks again to all my family and friends for your support and love. You have made my birthday and EVERY DAY very special for me. ❤

Take care. Until next time. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Querétaro Daily: Older and Wiser

  1. Happy Birthday Megan!!! We wish you much success and happiness! We miss you and think of you often….We thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and following you on your extraordinary adventure. Much Love! Kim


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