Querétaro Daily: Back to School

Today was my FIRST day as a teacher. So exciting! I woke up at 3 a.m. to big thunderstorm and then again at 6 a.m. to get ready for the day.

I also had my trusty Bubba Keg with me to take on the morning.

The night before class, our teaching coordinator sent us a very cute e-mail.

It was a great way to start my day. Olga has been so helpful during my teacher training process. All of my training was in Spanish and Olga thoughtfully translated things for me that I did not understand.

My first class of the day was 6th grade. They are AMAZING kids. I have 14 in that class. We talked about fun things they did on vacation. One of them went kayaking in Puerto Vallarta and their dad got attacked by spider monkeys. One of the kids went parachuting behind a boat in Ixtapa. I also told the kids that they could make up a story if they wanted, so one of the kids wrote that on vacation they road a flying pig into a volcano while eating bacon. HAH. They also designed their names and described things about themselves using the letters of their name. They could use verbs, nouns or adjectives.

The last thing we did was work together to come up with rules for the classroom. These kids are very smart. It will be my goal to make sure they are challenged enough throughout the semester and really advance in their knowledge. I asked them to write down one thing they wanted to learn this year and one of the students wrote, ¨I want to understand present perfect tense better.” HAHA. I know some English speakers don’t even know what that is. After class, the 6th graders were assigned a preschooler to watch during lunch and recess. They had to make sure they washed their hands, ate their lunch and played well with others. We were supervising as well. It is a great way to give them responsibility.

After lunch, I taught my 5th grade class. They are a bit more introverted, but all very sweet. By the end of the day I had lost my voice. 😦

After class on Mondays, all of the teachers go somewhere to eat lunch. We went to this place called El Buen Sazon. They offer a comida corrida or plated lunch. For 3.5 USD, you get soup, rice, beans, tortillas and your choice of either carne asada, chicken or pork. The juice was either hibiscus or lemon and you had plenty of fresh salsa and limes to garnish.

At 3:30 p.m, we meet up to discuss the good points about the day, plus any problems we may have. We talked about the different types of students and dynamics of each classroom. We also talked about our key role as guardians during the day. We are assigned different posts in the morning, lunch and afternoon. We need to make sure every child is accounted for in the morning and each child leaves with their assigned parent in the afternoon. We are also assigned to different areas of the lunchroom and playground to monitor during their recess. Everything is very organized. The meeting was again in Spanish, but I am starting to get used that by now. 🙂

After the meeting, I stopped by this tattoo parlor called Orion Tatuajes for a new earring stud. My tragus stud was almost two years old and looked very dull. The new one is iridescent pink. 🙂 So cute.

Overall, today was a great first day. Hopefully tomorrow goes just as well. I will try to talk a little bit less and save my voice. 🙂

Goodbye for now.

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