Querétaro Daily: Taking Care of Business

This week I have been stepping back from the tourist activities and trying to settle down in this town. 🙂

It is absolutely beautiful here. I took a great shot from my street on the walk home.
wpid-img_20140813_174943_293And a few more pictures from my walk home.mileniomilenio2Lots of cacti here, so I need to be careful when I walk home. :/

I have been procrastinating about purchasing a phone plan here, but I finally did today. I waited so long, since until now there were not many people that I needed to call. Now that I will be teaching, the school wanted an emergency contact number. I opted for Telcel. They offer a chip for $11 that comes with $5 worth of minutes. Once you run out, you can simply purchase more minutes and pay as you go. I thought that would be ideal, since the phone is only for emergencies. Most of the time I have WiFi and communicate via e-mail or Facebook.

I also decided NOT to buy a bicycle. I live on a mountain and I cannot bike the steep incline. Hah. I bought a bus pass instead.

Each morning I walk down the mountain towards the entrance to the bus stop. Here is the view and the crazy incline. At the entrance to Milenio III, there is an adorable plaza. This is also the start of the Los Arcos.milenio3I still haven’t figured out if Los Arcos are functioning, but I did find out that this spot is one of the 60 different cajas or boxes where the water was kept.img_3456The last thing on my agenda was a bedspread. I slept with a small blanket and neck pillow my first night. HAH. This is MUCH better. 🙂

This week I have also been taking care of school business. Classes start on Monday! I will be teaching 5th and 6th grade. Overall, I could not be happier with the school. The material provided to me is fantastic.

We are using this book called Journeys. The stories throughout the book teach a great moral lesson. They showcase of variety of topics including space exploration, role models, overcoming adversity, caring for animals and taking risks for a good cause. All of the visual aids provided are fantastic! Each chapter comes with wonderful vocabulary flashcards, soundtracks, activities and suggested projects. There are almost too many ideas that it is hard to choose the best option.

Anyway, there is still a lot to do this week. I will coordinate my schedule with Lupita, who is the Spanish teacher. She is a sweetheart. When the students are not in class with me, they are with her. We have been making signs for the start of school next.

Also, next week I learned that the older students will be assigned a kindergartner and serve as their big brother or sister for the week. It is their job to show them where to take their backpack, where to sit during lunch and accompany them on the playground. It is such a great idea, because starting school can be very scary for some kids.

I have been walking around town a lot this week to take care of business, but I hope to do more sightseeing this weekend. I’d also like to try some new foods that are on my bucket list. 🙂

That is all for now. Going to sit with the roommates while they have dinner. Buenas noches. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Querétaro Daily: Taking Care of Business

  1. The Arcos do carry water but not to provide it to the city, which it did until late 70’s, but due to the fact that the cobblestone was humid for centuries if the Arcos get dry there is a chance it will crack, so right now carries water as a fountain. El Tanque the water box you pictured was the main water storage of the city until the 80’s


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