Querétaro Daily: Welcome to the Neighborhood

Yesterday I left Mexico City en route to Querétaro.

 img_3320This time I took a Flecha Amarilla. This is a second class bus. It was only $7.50 for students and teachers. It is similar to first class, except you are not provided with lunch and you don’t have WiFi. It was not a big deal. The seats were still very comfortable and we watched a Disney nature documentary called African Cats. 

My first day here, I needed to mentally adjust. Moving to a new city is always a little exhausting. I did meet a nice guy named Oscar who showed me around the different neighborhoods of Querétaro. He just graduated with his degree in Electrical Engineering. He spoke English pretty well, since he spent some time living in Orange County. He asked for directions to Starbucks, but I think he knew all along. 😛

Here is a shot of the aqueduct.archesThis aqueduct is the SYMBOL of the city. It is gigantic and composed of a total of 74 arches. The aqueduct was constructed in the 17th century as a means of transporting fresh drinking water. I heard some people say it is still functioning, but I will get back to you with that exact answer at a later date.

Anyway, on Saturday night  I stayed at a place called Hostal Galerie. For $11 each night, you are provided with a bed, WiFi, television and a breakfast of toast with jam, coffee and cereal. I also met a nice singer/song writer named Latika from Monterrey and a friendly business owner named Rodger who is moving to the Yucatan. He owns two houses here and one is a solar-powered farm in the country. Not a bad friend to meet. Never a dull moment at a hostal. 😀

This morning I woke up with plenty of energy. I wanted to explore a bit of the town, so I grabbed my camera and hit the streets.

Walking around Querétaro is like a dream. It has all of the colonial charm that you would find in Rome with its winding cobblestone streets and historic churches.arches2arches3I stopped at Jardin Guerrero to check out a few shops and buy a water. It is VERY hot and dry here compared to Mexico City, so I needed to keep hydrating. This plaza is absolutely beautiful and has free WiFi. I can definitely picture myself having a coffee here in a future, while I read a book or work on my computer. 🙂img_3385From there I went to El Museo de la Ciudad. It is free on Sundays. The building itself is attached to a convent built in the 15th century. Walking around the building was spectacular enough, even without the artwork.img_3362This museum also has an event calendar that is COMPLETELY PACKED with cultural activities. There are theater shows, music, dance and a variety of classes to take. I don’t think I will become bored in this city. 😀 For example, this week there is an International Film Festival and each night they are showcasing a different foreign film. I’d like to go at least once this week.

Here are a few of the painted cow skulls. The one on the left has two bunnies eating away at the skull.arches4
After that, I went to Plaza de Armas. There was an acrobatic performance in the square that was just wonderful. 🙂

From there I went to check out a room for rent. I found it on this website called “comparto depa.” This site list apartments and houses with rooms for rent. That is where I found this listing. I checked it out and was PLEASANTLY surprised. It was beautiful. Welcome to my new neighborhood. Visitors welcome. 😀


I have to admit, it is quite far from school. I plan on buying a bicycle tomorrow. Anyway, the air up here is so fresh. The community is very quiet and posh. The views are absolutely spectacular! It is worth the hike!

Anyway, I have lots of unpacking to do tonight. I will also have lots of things to do tomorrow INCLUDING buying a bicycle. I will arrive at the school at 8 am to begin learning the curriculum and also start my work permit. There will be A LOT of paperwork, but it is all very exciting. Enjoy the rest of your night!

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