Marvelous Mexico City: Kicking Back and Kicking Up Our Heels

This week has been a cakewalk in comparison to the other three. 🙂 We are able to finally sit back and relax after all the hard work.

img_3264We finished our last teaching session today and all our assignments have been graded. As an update, I was able to pass all 4 of my assignments and receive above standard on many of my lessons. I was told that I may qualify for a Pass B. Only a small percentage of candidates receive this, so that would great for my career. *fingers crossed* It will still take up to 12 weeks for Cambridge University to review our work and send our score.

Richard also organized an input session this week that involved a game of charades. The purpose was to review teaching vocabulary we had learned throughout the course.

My partner Helen was very nervous about being paired with me, since she knows that I can be pretty COMPETITIVE. 🙂

Too funny. For the record, I’m mostly competitive with pool and ping pong. She didn’t have to worry. We did very well.

During break today, we stopped at this restaurant called Tacos Gus. This taco joint had every type of filling you could imagine. The choices included pork, beef, mole, hot dogs, chorizo with potatoes or poblano chiles in a sour cream sauce. Each taco could be topped with salsa, queso fresco, pickled red onions and fresh lime.

To kick back after our last week of CELTA we headed over to King’s Pub. A few of the students are from the UK, so we had to check it out. The couch cushions were covered with the British flags and red velvet. 🙂img_3274img_3275Everyone was very relaxed and so RELIEVED to be finished with the course.
10386285_10152552140951259_2835975280413967020_nThis is Helen and she is absolutely fantastic. 🙂img_3277This is Nathan from New Holstein. I thought we needed a picture of the WISCONSINITES. Cheesehead pride. 🙂img_3281This is my teaching group. You have Jeremy, Matt and Arturo. Best guys EVER!img_3286img_3284This is Arturo’s pencil case. I thought Mom would like it, since she calls me her little “M&M.” haha.img_3288From Kings Pub we went to the Mojito Room for Salsa and Bachata. It was an AMAZING lesson, but now I am absolutely exhausted. Arturo was a real trooper to go with Helen and I. 🙂img_329210592864_10152552141131259_7675156516505048987_nHere is a clip of some of the dancers during the salsa lesson. Helen met her husband during salsa class back in the UK. I told her I would be on the lookout for any Mexican cuties there for myself. No luck. Hah.

This week I have also been preparing for my move to Queretaro. I will leave Mexico City on Saturday. I have started packing up my things and preparing to move back into a hostel. I picked up a few hostel essentials today at Soriana, like quick meals and even some dining utensils.

I didn’t have enough time to run my clothes to the laundromat, so my roommate was nice enough to take them there for me. SOO SWEET. I picked her up some chocolates. Hopefully she liked them. 🙂

Anyway, tomorrow is our FINAL day at International House. We will finish administrative tasks, then have TWO parties. 🙂 One will be with our students and one will be with the teachers and staff. Woo hoo! It should be a great day! I will need to rest up before then. Buenas noches.

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