Marvelous Mexico City: Celebratory Cocktails and Complimentary Chapulines

Today we had a reason to celebrate. We have completed week 3 of CELTA! Only one more week to go.

I also delivered a 60 minute lesson today that went very well. 😀 I brought in a news article published by the New York Times regarding illegal immigration of minors from Central America to the United States. I taught new vocabulary like released, vetted and outlandish to prep them for the article. After they read and understood the piece, we conducted a debate on the topic. I assigned one group in favor and one against illegal immigration of minors. The students had very passionate opinions and they all made valid arguments.  It was great to see them challenge themselves linguistically too.

After class I went with two guys in my group to a bar called Jochos y Litros for a celebratory cocktail. The name means hot dogs and liters in English. It was a very strange hole-in-the-wall, but the bar played great music and they also had hookah.

I tried a michelada, which was a combination of Clamato juice, beer, lime, Worcestershire and hot sauce.micheladaI’m sure you’ve heard of complimentary peanuts at a bar, but we had something a little more obscure.imagesThese are chapulines or fried grasshoppers. These were natural with a smokey taste, but they can also be flavored with chile and lime or garlic.

You should have seen my face when I crunched down on one of these guys! Yuck!

It’s commonly served inside tacos or with guacamole and I MIGHT try that, but I don’t think I would eat it by itself again. I read that their very nutritious and high in protein. I just need something to mask the buggy taste! HAH.

Well, I have lots of exploring to do tomorrow. Need to get to bed. Night. 🙂

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