Marvelous Mexico City: Hitting the Pavement near Chapultepec Park

I started the day by breaking in my new shoes. 🙂

I set out to explore more of Bosque de Chapultepec, which is the park in Mexico City. The first time I went to the zoo and now this time I went to castle, plus the modern and contemporary art museum.

The castle sits on Chapultepec hill, which was originally a sacred site for the Aztec people. It is the only royal castle in North America and was once the home of Maximilian I. It now serves as the location for the natural history museum of Mexico City.img_2805When I walked up the hill to the castle, I had one of those speechless moments. The castle and the panoramic views of the city were absolutely stunning.img_2858img_2794Visitors are able to explore the castle, which is fully furnished to replicate the 19th century time period when Maximilian I reigned.img_2779Each room had beautiful crown molding, chandeliers and stained glass windows. It actually reminded me a lot of scenes from Beauty and the Beast. 🙂castlecastle2I was able to relax and take in a lot of fresh air, which was crucial after a long week of CELTA studying. 🙂

After the castle, I walked back down the hill and saw THIS guy. Hah.img_2776I found out that these squirrels are ear tagged, highly domesticated, and are protected by the park. Very cool! 😀

From there I went to explore modern art. I thought it was very INTERESTING. Hah.

I saw this piece of art that looked like corn on wooden slats. I thought that was an interesting representation of Aztec/Mayan culture, UNTIL I got closer.14673769225_506b5a8ce8_z14673453352_2517beec89_zTEETH! AHH! I left shorty after that. I guess I must not be hip enough to understand modern art.

Now that I am back, I will enjoy dinner and a siesta before hitting the dance floor. We will check out a salsa club tonight for a lesson and dancing. Stay tuned. 🙂

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