Marvelous Mexico City: Raising the CELTA Bar

The CELTA course is quickly becoming more challenging. Our first three lesson plans were roughly two pages. They needed to include a general outline of our lesson and the topic we intended to teach. Today I taught lesson 4. The lesson plan had to be 10-12 pages. It had to break down each component of the lesson and identify points on meaning, form and pronunciation. It also had to include meaning, form and pronunciation for new vocabulary and include a sketch of how the whiteboard would appear. The bar had definitely been raised for the 4th lesson and the planning demanded a lot more time and attention.

For today’s lesson, I taught the difference between gradable and absolute adverbs with adjectives. For example, the temperature outside could be very cold or pretty cold. The words “pretty” and “very” are gradable adverbs used to describe the gradable adjective “cold.” Absolute adverbs with adjectives are extreme scenarios like completely freezing or absolutely boiling. I was given a recommended listening activity from the book, but I thought it was very vague so I decided to create my own material.

To begin I had the class read a story about online dating. The story was about a girl from California who had met a boy online and flew all the way to Alaska to meet him. The story had a lot of absolute and gradable adverbs with adjectives. Their task was to find similarities in the sentences. They did very well. For the second activity I had them read 10 dating scenarios and write their opinion about each. For example, Leonel thinks that going shopping on a date is pretty boring, but he thinks having a campfire under the stars is very romantic. Valeria thinks that having champagne and strawberries on a fancy yacht sounds absolutely perfect. After teaching more about grammar,  each student had to focus on either a food, activity or person and write a description about that topic. After writing the description, I had them split into groups so that each would have a description for food, activity and person. They had to read the combined descriptions to create a dating scenario. It was a lot of fun. For one date, a table wrote that the girl was very cute, but totally crazy. They had sushi and red wine, which was very delicious. They went rowing during the day and spent the night looking at the stars. All of the stories were very creative. 😀 I thought the lesson went very well and I received a good grade. I also received constructive criticism at the end of the lesson to identify areas of improvement.  I’ve found all of the input to be very helpful and will use that when I prepare for the next lesson.

CELTA can be mentally draining.

Luckily we have over an hour to eat lunch and relax everyday. We spent today hanging out on the rooftop terrace. 🙂 Mario is on the left. He made a meal with canned mushrooms, corn, tuna and rice. His sister lived in Japan and she brought him many gifts from her trip, so he eats a lot of his meals with nori flakes(seaweed) and chopsticks. He is very meticulous. He studied Greek mythology and spent hours memorizing the Greek alphabet. He speaks four languages and also spent a few years working as wait staff on the Princess cruise ship. Arturo is on the right. He is from northern Mexico and has 2-3 years of previous teaching experience. He is now working with the director of the school to restructure their curriculum. I should also mention he is only 19, which is why he is trying to make chopsticks out of his notebook paper to try some of Mario’s food. Hah.

That is all for now. I need to work on another assignment and plan for lesson 5. Goodnight.

2 thoughts on “Marvelous Mexico City: Raising the CELTA Bar

  1. I really enjoy reading your blog. You’re sure enjoying some wonderful experiences and seeing some beautiful areas. I feel like some of your dialog makes me seem to be right there with you…thanks for sharing. Having Stef’s shower Sunday will miss you not being there. Stay safe. Have fun. Kim


    1. Hey neighbor! 🙂
      Thank you for checking out the blog. Things are going very well here!
      Mom sent me pictures of the trial run on Steph’s hair. It looks gorgeous! I will definitely miss not seeing you all tomorrow. Have a great time. Say hi to everyone! Talk to you all soon!

      ❤ Megan


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