Missing Daisy-Mae and the Difficulties of Moving Abroad

This is a difficult topic. When I was officially accepted into the CELTA program and bought my ticket to Mexico, I reserved a spot for my little “fur baby” Daisy. She had been with me for four years and this would be a new adventure for both of us. She got all of her vaccinations and I even bought her a crate for shipping. When I put her in the crate, she became so stressed that she almost had a seizure. She came from a research environment and being crated is a very traumatic experience for her.  I soon realized that taking her to Mexico would be very stressful. She would spend 12+ hours alone when I am at school and I was concerned that she would even survive the 6 hour flight in a crate.admin-ajaxI made the decision two months ago to find another guardian for Daisy. It was  hardest choice I ever made, but I could not be happier with the outcome. I found the sweetest couple that live close to my parents. They have a fenced-in backyard and live near the park. Their mother also has a beagle for her to play with.

It is still very hard for me everyday and I think about her often. Especially on days like yesterday when I went to the park and saw everyone playing with their dogs. 😦

That being said, I think it was a very smart decision and she will have an amazing life. She will be loved and cared for, which is all I ever wanted. The family has been e-mailing me quite often with funny stories about her that reassure me she is adjusting well. They sent me another e-mail this morning, so I thought I would share. 😀

“so we have to share this story with you –  whenever we give Daisy a bath afterwards she goes nuts and runs all over the house – back and forth – back and forth – playfully actually – then we let her outside and she runs laps around the yard –  anyway last night we gave her a bath and as usual she ran up and down the hallway – then did a 180 and had the pose with her front legs wider – and butt up – (just like when she stretches)  — and suddenly she BARKED!!  it was just once – but we kind of were dumbfounded and just looked at each other wide eyed and were like “wha-aaat was that?” —    we then went to let her out and she flew outside and ran around for a good 5 minutes –  that was followed by 5 minutes of playing ball in the house –  then she came up on the couch and was snoring within 2 minutes.”

That is all for now. So far Day 7 of CELTA is going well. I’ll talk more about that in another post. Enjoy the day. 😀

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