International House CELTA: Adjusting to the Madness of Mexico City

The umbrella has become my favorite accessory. Thanks Mom for the cute accessory. 🙂

July is the rainy season in Mexico and everyday there has been a downpour around 2 or 3 in the afternoon.

This morning I went to see the apartment that International House recommended. It is located in Benito Juárez, which is less touristy than Roma and Condesa. As I walked through the neighborhood I saw many street vendors selling tortas, tacos and fruit. One stand had grilled Mexican corn topped with mayo and chili powder. Another had chicharrónes or fried pork skin. Everything looked and smelled delicious!

I thought the apartment was very cute. Stephanie España lives there with her mother. I spoke with Stephanie on the phone this morning and she sounds very sweet. I will have my own bedroom, washer/dryer, use of the kitchen and all utilities included. I am very excited to move in!

Today is also Day 4 of CELTA. We learned about phonetics this morning, which is the study of all sounds in all languages. It is a difficult topic, since learners come from various backgrounds and pronounce words in different ways. For example, we have classmates from England, America and also non-native speakers from Mexico. That being said, the aim of the lesson was to understand that phonetics can be used as a tool to help correct obvious errors in pronunciation.

After our lesson, I had to prepare for my 45 minute teaching session.

The aim of my session was to help students develop skills in reading and writing. The topic was pen pals. The students did not know what a pen pal was in the beginning; however, by the end of the lesson they were able to create their own pen pal letters. All of the letters were very creative and I learned a lot about the student’s interests. For example, Miguel is an acting coach and loves the theatre. Andrés is a tango instructor and loves to dance.

My problem is that I am still trying to understand Mexican time. I started my lesson at 3:15, even though they were supposed to be there at 3pm. Four NEW people also arrived at 3:45. I had to quickly adapt and get those learners caught up on the information. In the end I thought everything went very well. Our instructors grade the lesson as either non-standard, weak standard, standard or strong standard. This will contribute to our overall CELTA grade. For today, I got a strong standard! Super exciting! 😀

On my way home from school I stopped at the store for some juice. I thought I would try something new. It is called sabor jamaica, which means hibiscus flavor. I did not realize this until I got home. This drink tastes like strawberry juice mixed with perfume. I will NOT be buying this again.

Anyway, I did not go salsa dancing with the girl from Colorado, but I will definitely check out Mama Rumba when I have more energy. CELTA is quite exhausting. Goodnight. 🙂



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