International House CELTA: Hostel Life

Well today is Day 6 living in a hostel. On a positive note, I have met some very nice and unique people here. For example, a girl flew in today from Colorado just to go salsa dancing. She literally arrived moments ago. She threw down her luggage, changed her outfit and was off to a club called Mama Rumba. She didn’t even have plans to meet anyone there. She said she was hoping to see familiar faces. I would call that a very spontaneous trip. I may go salsa dancing with her tomorrow if I finish my homework. 🙂

On the downside, living in a hostel means living out of my suitcase. Every morning I sort through my luggage to find an outfit, then I lock up my suitcases and attach them to my bed with a bike lock. Hostel life is GREAT for short-term travel, but I need to look professional everyday and now my clothes are starting to get wrinkly.

They do not offer personal lockers, which would make this much easier. All of the outlets are also near the front desk. I cannot charge my laptop at night, which is pretty essential for class. Anyway, I will not complain but rather find a solution to the problem. I spoke with the school housing coordinator today and he found me an apartment to stay in starting this Saturday. 😀 The area looks super cute and is located in a different neighborhood than Colonia Roma. I will check it out on my way to school tomorrow. *Fingers crossed*

In other news, today was Day 3 of CELTA. What a long day with lots of information to absorb! Today we discussed languages and skill-based lessons. To start, the tutors wanted us to remember how it felt to learn a new language. We were given a lesson in ESPERANTO. The tutors chose Esperanto, because they did not want to teach a language we were familiar with. It is very uncommon and has actually never been declared an official language; however, many people still speak it today. The vocabulary is a mix of English, German, Polish, Russian and French. It was very exciting, but also stressful to learn a new language. The aim of the session was to help us understand how our students feel each day in class. I found it very beneficial.

Tomorrow I will give my second lesson, which is 45 minutes long. My session is all about pen pals and the students will need to develop skills in listening for gist and practicing writing skills. I will let you know how everything goes. 😀

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