Marvelous Mexico City: Seeing the Sights and Hitting the Books

Today I wanted to get more familiar with the Condesa neighborhood where I am staying. I took a stroll through El Parque México. parqueThis urban park is full of exotic trees and is the center of Colonia Condesa.
unnamed-2unnamedFrom the park, I walked to El Bosque de Chapultepec. According to their website, the word Chapultepec means “Hill of the Grasshopper.” The Aztecs considered them sacred with supernatural powers.

This park is home to the Mexican museum of modern art, the anthropology museum, Chapultepec castle, and the zoo. I decided to visit the zoo today, since the weather was so nice. I felt like I was walking through the set of Jurassic Park. Hah. It felt very lush and tranquil. The paths and the exhibits were very well laid out. The zoo is most famous for their giant panda breeding program.img_20140713_111617_769_zpsb614f24dThe zoo has free admission everyday and the museums are free on Sundays. So awesome! The only thing that will cost you is the bathroom. 😦

On my way home I stopped at the grocery store to buy food for the week. I made my first error in Spanish at the deli counter and ended up with WAY more turkey than I could have ever wanted. Oh well!

I came back to find the hostel host cooking something INTERESTING in the kitchen. He said it was rice and potatoes with cilantro and chiles. The hosts name is Ale and he’s from Spain. He thinks I am a cool chick, since I’m the first Megan he’s ever met in person. He has only heard of Megan Fox. Hah.

I made a sandwich and went into our living room to work on homework for the afternoon. I completed a 5 hour grammar course courtesy of Cambridge English in preparation for the CELTA course. Tomorrow is Day 1. Hopefully everything goes well!

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